Structure Alliance

Is there an alliance out there in highsec that a indy corp can join to help protect structures? whe the new Mechanics <— Thanks CCP it is very difficult to put up structures with out troll corps war decing and blowing them up.

Hello, I actually just posted this in another thread. You should take a look at our alliance the New Eden Federation.

New Eden Federation - Join the high sec power bloc. New Players 25mil ISK per fleet. FCs 200mil - Corporations & Alliances / Recruitment Center - EVE Online Forums

how much do you charge per month for Corps to join the alliance

Just enough to cover the alliance maintenance bill per Corp. 2 million a month.

I would avoid putting anything in that alliance.

They have been loosing structures and the one corp that joined that “anti-griefing” alliance is also baiting mission runners in gallente space, Neut lost everything against us as well and I consider them the most competent “PVP” (Baiter, ransom wardeccing, griefer) corp in that alliance right now.

Their aggressive advertisement has caught my eye as well. They are losing vs 4 man alts wardeccing corps. I dont know if they can function vs a dedicated group.

Heya, sorry the post is a bit dead, but thanks for the flowers. NEUT is indeed pretty awesome ^^

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