Individual Corp looking for High Sec Alliance to join

Very small corp looking to join a High Sec PVE Alliance.

So, been in Eve for a while now, getting bored and looking to join a group where I can make a difference.

Main character has 280 M skill points and can turn his hand to most things. Other toons are mostly indy alts.

If you think we’d be a good fit, please get in touch.



Would you be interested in joining a small null sec alliance? Or merging into another corp a head up its indy wing?

Hey Titus.

No, not really into Null. Been there and tried it and really not my thing.

Not looking into merging with another corpr either. The idea of signing up with an Alliance is so that I can keep the corp small and secure.

But thanks for the suggestions.


Thanks to everyone that’s contacted me In Game with different offers and ideas.

Still looking for that new home with a High Sec Alliance

Fly safe o7

we have a HS division that u may like

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