I run a small Corp of great people. Primarily PvE players, mining and industry. Looking for a null Sec Alliance to become a part of.

Some of us have interest in PvP, but for the most part are just interested in PvE. We have about 10 members, are newbie friendly, as such most of our members are relatively new.

Will consider renting a system, depending on price (aforementioned new players primarily, so income will be lower initially).

Benefits we offer; our industrial department is coming along nicely, can make a variety of caldari ships, and ammunition. We are constantly expanding.

We are looking to build a small Citadel in “our” system eventually as well. We also offer help to new players, as well as fleet training for newbies.

Please Eve mail me (Kymber Valkyr) with any questions, suggestions or offers.

Fly Safe o.o7

Forgot to mention: primarily EST NA players (50/50 Canada/US. A few EU players too)

hey Kymber

ive mailed you in game about are alliance…

Sent mail in game bud.


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