Startup Corp Seeking Members

I have a solo corporation up and running and would like to add some members to network and enjoy Eve with. I am a mature individual and am wanting to find mature individuals who are as committed to the Eve experience as I am.

At this stage I am only interested in High Sec but of course low sec members could add a lot to the mix of the corporation. Null Sec would most llikely find it more difficult as when we build bases they will be either High-Sec or only just within the borders of Low Sec.

My interests lie within the region of Planetary, Research, Production and trading so Ideally I would like to work with members who are experienced in mining, PVE and obtaining low sec resources.

I began Eve six years ago and played for a while before leaving, so this is my second life so to speak. I am a 10M SP character who has in the past successfully run a POS as a solo player. I have a substantial set of BPO’s which I also keep copies of for remote production in market hubs. My blueprints would be accessible for use through the corporation hanger divisions.

My vision is to establish a Hub in a key strategic location for trading and Research/Production. If this sounds like you then please get in contact as I would love to hear from you.


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Greetings , I did same you doing now , and now we have grown a bit . If y need any advice on how to handle corp plz send me a mail. Or if you looking for a good spot for your corp, y cold live in our system, Wich is nice for the activities y want to do.

Best of luck Arkadia. Find some npc corp miners in your home and offer to buy their ore if they join your corp :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for the input. I may contact you in game.

Thank you Sato, that’s a sound plan.

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