Ready for Null Sec?

We are a very old Alliance in Eve and we have seen just about everything.
We have recently restructured our leadership and we are embarking on a new path.
We are looking for Industry focused pilots and corps who just want to make ISK.
Do you have a small corp but love to mine?
Do you think you don’t have enough SP to be effective at anything?
We have a home for your small corp of indy guys and we have a home for all you newbro’s out there.

Our systems are fully upgraded and there are plenty of opportunities for the right corp\pilot.

We even have a large amount of moons available to those who are industry focused and complete the 30-day probationary period. (The larger your corp the more moons or quality of those moons)

For our PVE people we have FULLY upgraded systems that produce Relic and Data sites so quickly you will get tired of running them.

For those who like to PVP there is PLENTY of PVP action in the region from 1v1 to small gang warfare.

We ask for very little from our members.
We have alliance functions at least 2 times a week and the rest of the time is yours to do what ever you want.

Contact me in game and let us get you or your corp onboard and get you started towards a bright and isk filled future.


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