Looking for an alliance [Hi-Sec/Indy]

We’re are a small group consisting of newish players and returning veterans who have decided to focus on indy/pve. And we’re looking to partner up with an alliance, which is ideally based in Minmatar or Amarr space.

Please leave your discord or shoot an in-game mail if you want to discuss further.

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Hi, would love to know how your recruitment is going. Also how active is your current corp?

Will you be staying in high-sec?

If so, i’m definitely interested. I’m a high-sec indy player and pve.

We’re quite active but we haven’t started doing public recruitment yet since we’re still in the process of settling down. We’ll be staying in hi-sec for the foreseeable future.

We’ve found an alliance, thread can be closed.

Closed at OP’s Request.

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