Looking for Hi-Sec Industry Alliance

Been playing with some buddies over the years most have left the game, now I find myself alone in chat groups. looking to join an alliance in hi-sec not a corp.

looking for people online to hang and chat with and help out where I can.

hit me up if you have what I might be looking for.

Look at “Loading” Alliance. High sec industry. A great bunch of people.

High sec Indy corps are a dime a dozen. Most of them have a small tightknit group of guys that eventually just fade out. My group has some dedicated players that I’ve been playing the game for 10 years plus, have over 45 years of experience in just a leadership alone.

Come give us a chance, And depending on your experience level we can help you achieve your goals inside Eve. https://discord.gg/NGP4kBfvk7

Jump into our chat
Chat: RPR Public
Let us know you are looking for G5 about alliance info
We have a great alliance and are trying to build it up for our members

Thanks for the info so far, I have started to reach out I am looking for Hi-Sec alliance not a corp I fell that fits my play style more.

if anyone else is out their please reach out.

We’re open to accepting a new Industrial Corp, into our Alliance. Feel free to drop me a message in-game to discuss. What your timezone?

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