Looking for Alliance

Im a one man industrial corp that is looking for an alliance. I miss the fun and camaraderie of other players. I try to log on daily, however i have a full time job, a family, and night classes. Ive been in too many corps that demand too much or just fold up shop. I do all the carebear shenanigans of a high sec industrialist. Ive settled in the forge region now. Ive been doing industry mostly since i started back in 2012. Dont judge, its what i enjoy. Im looking for an alliance in the area that is industry focused, and active. I have no problem helping others out of working for a common goal. You can either respond back here or ingame mail. FS.

You’ll fit in beautifully with Stay Feral. We just started up our indy wing and we’re looking for people like you. Our recruitment has been crushing it lately and we would love to have you. Here is our ad:

Please check it out and contact me on our discord and we’ll chat further.

Edit: keep in mind that we’re not in The Forge area. We’re in Placid/Syndicate.

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