How Much do Mercs Cost

I was wondering, how do people figure out what’s a good rate to pay players in game for fighting services? So like say corp A can muster 30 British hurricane players. Corp B tries stepping into low sec and notice A’s killboard. It then asks “hey, can you protect our structures in this constellation for the next 4 months if their timers come out in EUTZ? We’ll pay you.” What would be a rate that makes sense? Obviously, A and B can choose any price they want. If A’s CEO is a buddy of B’s CEO, he might only charge a token amount. If these two corps don’t know each other but don’t have any animosity to each other, they will try to come to an agreement that gives both groups some content and get them to come out ahead. People don’t exactly buy mercenary services on the market, so they can’t exactly just say “eh, market price plus 200 million ISK since we’re kind of busy”

I think that at some point hypotheticals are just too…hypothetical. I imagine prices would range from 100 million per timer to billions per week or month depending on who and what was involved. Some, like paying a merc group to defend you while you put up a market in perimeter, won’t happen at any price.

You don’t figure out what’s a good price to pay mercs.

You ask the mercs what they charge, and then decide if it’s worth it to you to pay it.

Buyers don’t set sellers prices.


Makes some degree of sense

I hear it’s 1 billion per citadel bash on most cases. That’s just from my experience.

War allies usually have to be declared, thus the attackers will know about them and can then weigh up whether the attack is worth it. Or they may just come back next month, because if the station owner is paying mercs by the week then he’ll have to pay even more and he’ll then have to decide if it is worth it. In fact even if the station owner is paying a flat one off fee…it probably has a time limit. So really, all the attackers have to do is wait.

What’s more, being defended, or even surrendering, against one station bashing crew is no guarantee that another one wont come along 2 weeks later.

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