Looking to Price Out Mercenary Services

Always be prepared, that’s what my daddy told me. With that in mind, I’m looking at pricing out competent and qualified mercenary corporations should I need them. Some of the things I would require:

  • High-Sec, Low-Sec capable merc fleets.

  • Structure Bashing, pod killers, and gankers very much welcome to reply

  • Have a proven track record

You see, the organization I represent is attempting to build out an industrial/market base but we have a severe lack of fighters. So, we pay for said fighters when we need them. ISK really isn’t an issue, so we would like quality applicants. We would like to essentially network with several mercenary corporations so we have options that will fit whatever need we have for them. This will more than likely result in repeat business.

So, it’d be pretty sweet if you have a website/pricelist with a good diplomatic contact we can reach out to in order to talk deals if the service is needed.