Looking for Protection services

In search of a subscription-based service offered by a reputable body (used loosely) of guys and gals with a particular knack for structure defense. I’m a businessman and working on growth in a particular segment of the market and want to anchor some structures in maybe some busy high sec systems. Particularly projecting influence through the use of public structures and market hub modules. This won’t be a just take my money situation. Looking to actually coordinate abilities with the show of force capabilities, that translates into real in-game measurable progress. Through our efforts grow your brand by establishing trade partners who will be in similar need for said service. This would provide content that the mission would evolve as the group’s diverse catalog of needs change as the market evolves.
Said individuals should be an ambitious bunch, disciplined in their craft anointed with abilities of everyday business sense. Honorable enough to keep to an agreement, but dishonorable enough to rip down an azbel of an enemy, on his kid’s 6th birthday because he messes with us. Just for reference. Some worth noting but not required skills would be; Leadership, group content planning, team cohesion, and diplomacy.

Possible compensation

  • Isk
  • Fuel blocks
  • SRP
  • budgets and/or combination of listed rewards
  • free structure services
  • anchoring accommodative structures
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I wish you the best in your space endeavor, I know a little about retainer agreement with mercenaries. And also about the stocking markets, if you can send me a mail in-game and I will try and answer your questions.

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