TTT In Perimeter Bash?

I’ve heard that the TTT in Perimeter would get bashed. I thought to ask some things:
Is it true? When/where/how?
What’s the thing with the TTT? I’ve heard it’s a joint venture with TEST and other nullblocs, so would it be affected by the war?

Thank you.

Everybody who can feasibly do it has been convinced that it’s not worth the effort.

Even so, there will still be those who make the attempt.

I feel like there’s literally a trillion isk in there. It must be worth it. (They can also stage a few “mock attempts” to make sure people don’t move their stuff out.)

And none of it will drop.

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Asset safety? I don’t think that’s how it works… You’re supposed to only be able to move your assets out of a structure you no longer have access to, not one that’s bashed over 5 days.

(yes I know forsaken fortress, but I’m pretty sure it was about being able to lose everything in one day rather than 5 days over reinforcement)

It has five years of fuel in it. Nothing is going to drop because the people who operate it aren’t incompetent enough to let it go unfueled.

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The structure has asset safety unless it goes unfueled for a week. If offlined from armor loss, it will not be a week before it becomes vulnerable again so the structure will not be abandoned. If it dies when it becomes vulnerable again, asset safety takes effect. If it does not die, the modules will attempt to online automatically as soon as it repairs resetting the week waiting period before anyone can lock the modules down again.

You can manually trigger asset safety at any time, even in a full power structure you have access to.

It won’t happen.

Everything will asset safety to an NPC station in Perimeter.

It would deny the owners significant income though.

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