Asset Safety

Hello, why does asset safety not work for structures that ran out of fuel?

As far as i understand the intention to make structures vulnerable when they ran out of fuel was to have players clean up abandoned structures, but they would do this just for the kill mail. Taking away asset safety in that case is overkill and cause for misunderstandings and frustration.

From what I remember it was about 4 years ago the abandoned state was added, 2020 ish, Only for Upwell’s that are not fueled for 7 days.

Why asset safety doesn’t work for them? Hundreds of reasons, here are just a few. Perhaps others can post more.

(1) They are deserted and no one can operate the post office sorting room?

(2) All the lights are out and the janitor fell down his ladder, he just made that cuppa! It was his last tea bag so he just popped out to the shops, hes getting me some onions, you need anything? He might take a while. He is a proper ■■■■ driver.

(3) Shoddy workmanship, the emergency asset safety circuit boards where made in Amarr space by unhappy slaves, they crack at the first sign of stress or overheating. If you read the small print it does actually say “Just kiss your ass and pray”

(4) Giant space leaches in the ventilation system.

(5) Having finally run out of fuel the remaining AI core, in a delirious state of panic, transmits on all frequencies the entire discography for Westlife, all automated safety and security systems in the vicinity immediately block the stream except one, a solitary gate in the Syndicate region, just before it also cuts the feed it sent a reply, “Oh ■■■■ off!”

Only CCP can answer that exactly dude. Probably player request for cleanup, or something specific like WH stuff


It’s basically CCP’s philosophy behind much of EVE - if you’re taking care of business and paying attention, you get along okay. And if you’re lazy and inattentive and don’t take care what you’re doing, and/or go more than 24 hours without logging in and checking the status of all your things, then you deserve to get blown up.

The alternative reason is that CCP ran some numbers and found that not enough stuff was getting blown up because players are getting bored with CCP’s antiquated combat systems, and so they had to find new ways to make sure more stuff gets deleted from the game. Citadels were an easy target.

If you don’t like having your stuff blown up, don’t play EVE. Most any other space game will happily preserve your stuff forever, from what I can see.


We had this chat ages ago but the TLDR is.

CCP did this with asset safety AND quantum cores to push players TOGETHER to own a citidel and DISCOURAGE single player citadel ownership.

That was their idea and I agree with that idea.

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So that’s what that giant sucking noise was…

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should be deleted out of this game !

its a gameplay for lazy ppl ! and we dont need lazyness !

Calm down, ganker.

Just to clarify, Asset Safety still works for structures without fuel, if manually triggered before the structure is destroyed.

Specifics on when Asset Safety is not in effect is covered here:


Thank you for clarifying. I wonder why it has to be manually triggered? Is it to generate logins?

Manually triggered if there is no fuel and its destroyed. If its fueled and destroyed asset safety is automatic. Unless in a wormhole

Why does asset safety have to be triggered manually if the structure isnt fueled?

because of :

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I am aware Asset Safety has to be triggered manually if the structure runs out of fuel, but why is that?

Yah to get people online because you know this is an MMO?

I mean no bad questions but comon man.

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To me it seems like its done to spite people who take a break

Personally I think it was a very dumb idea, I have no idea how many people came back, saw that all their hard earned stuff was gone and gave up completely on Eve. I think I would have, except for the simple fact I never trusted CCP with citadels in the first place and half expected this, and the asset safety cost was another factor!!!

NB I don’t know how many people are like me, but with this change I kept the minimum ships needed, which meant that at times I did not have the right ship to go out for some fights, but that as compared to having to move them was something I had to accept. I wonder how many people kept less ships and stuff and then decided not to react when people came calling?

NB2. Note that at one point your assets were totally safe, so people left all their stuff thinking it would be fine, that was the real issue. I pretty much think that those people should have been looked after by CCP.


The idea is that citidel bonuses would be in proportion with risk. Otherwise noone would use citidels and we would all live in NPC stations XD

If a player takes a break, they should not be storing assets in temporary structures, especially when it’s so easy to just right click->send to asset safety.


I don’t know what the hell they were thinking but they should have date stamped assets left before that changed and moved them before the stations went low power so those people would not have been screwed. Whoever made that decision was dumb!

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