Tranquillity Trading Tower (Perimeter)

o77 guys, from your experience is it safe to leave clones with implants in Tranquillity Trading Tower (Perimeter) ? for the swapping without cd thing, ty

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Sigh… fine.

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yes = ***yes*** :point_left: formatting matters


No, it’s a scam, they will take your implants.

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Embrace the chaos! Revel in the mayhem!

oopa…I mean…of course it’s 100% safe!

For several months Frostpacker had thought of the Keepstar there as a second home and with many market transactions taking place at that market place due to low taxes along with item availability such as plex or skill extractors.

That makes you are a blue donut sympathizer!


Yes I have a shopping jump clone there!

99% safe, there is always the chance…

Close, but it’s new and improved now!

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Okay, the future of TTT is secure for the time being, as Test, Panfam, and Imperium decided to stop fighting for full ownership of a citadel in perimeter, and split the profits. Things may change one day, but you are currently safe. Just try to keep tabs on current events, and don’t leave a clone in there while on break. And you might consider pulling out your clone if you see massive fleets fighting over it, or it having a reinforcement timer. If someone does manage to get it to hull, the clone bay will be offlined and your clone will be stuck there.


TTT is next. I suggest everyone not making ISK from it bands together and takes it out now while the children squabble in Delve…

The one in Ignoitton, maybe. I’m not even sure it is possible to destroy a keepstar in highsec - if you want to try, bring drones.

I can’t see that happening. A far more serious threat would be if the extremely unlikely happens and the Imperium is forced to move.

Local is way better than Jita Local

So yummy looking.

Would be cool toilet seat. That could also fit thematically well. In the blue donut CCP holds the players’ ass and in the middle (HS) is pooped. :laughing: :love_you_gesture:

Hmmmm… Test backstabbed Goons to start this war. PL/NC can’t be trusted since they will shoot anyone just for sucking up oxygen in New Eden. Frat already stated that their next target after the war is Test. Goons going to be looking for payback with interest when this is all said a done. If Test owns TTT, it just might fry…


I’d buy that for a dollar.