Introducing the Tranquility Lowsec Complex

Good Afternoon,

It is with pleasure I can now announce the establishment of the Tranquility Lowsec Complex, a cousin to the Tranquility Trading Towers and industrial complex. Located in Ignoitton, three jumps from Jita or two jumps from Perimeter, this lowsec area should enable the effective trade of Supercapitals, the production of capital class ships and the safe usage of a fully Tech 2 rigged reactor for those who have been unable to find one safely before.

As always the Tranquility Trading Consortium Aims to provide the capsuleers of new eden with the highest level services at the highest safety.

Thank you for your time and support.


will you ever revoke docking access for all at any time?

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I love explosions in low sec.


What a joke. NPC stations offer more safety than any player structure ever will be able to.

Ever tried tethering at an NPC station ?

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Every tried to dock your super at an NPC station?
Ever tried to do reactions in an NPC station?


:red_circle: Tetherhing is not necessary as you can always dock in dockable ships.

Stupid arguments. Supers and titans should never be safe or dockable anywhere. But to make your argument look even dumber: I can dock whatever many supers and titans in NPC stations via asset safety from Upwell structures as US are not safe.

Even dumber. What have reactions to do with safety?

To Shanna,

We reserve the right to block any entity from docking at the towers, however we will only utilize this right in the most extreme of cases.

From our Commonly asked questions.

Basically over the last year of the TTT we have only blocked access to people literally laying seige to the towers for multiple days. Other than that we have basically never revoked someone’s tether.

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I appreciate what you are doing. I will build my next super in your station to see how it goes. You also mentioned reactions. Do you have a separate rait setup in the same system for reactions?

we have a tatara for reaction but supers sadly cannot be built in lowsec

So Ignoitton gate will be camped all day now?


No no, they just won’t fill it up with fuel and shoot everything without asset safety after 26th :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your services! We will gladly use them!

Anyone start a pool yet on when this thing will go :boom:?

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I’d say before September for sure.

Looks like more content in the gates. But we thank you for the service o7

What, you don’t remember who the TTC is? Basically all of nullsec.

That thing isn’t dying.


How is security ensured? Is your fleet or mercenaries killing suicides at the gate? If I carry millions of tons of materials, will I need my own security? Is there a trading module at the station?

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