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After my recent return to the game, I’ve noticed that player owned structures are no longer allowed in Trade Hubs. Have there been any decent Player Hubs created after this change? I know Perimeter has been popular for awhile, but I’m looking for a HS hub where I can work from ore to finished product and keep my BPO library constantly being researched. Any solid suggestions are welcome. Doesn’t need to be directly adjacent to Amarr, Jita, etc.

The Tranquility Trading Corporation is a joint venture between several Nullsec blocs. They have four citadels in Perimeter optimized for different activities:

Tranquility Trading Tower
Tranquility T2 Refinery
Tranquility Research Labs
Tranquility Production Center

They have structures 2 jumps away in the lowsec system of Ignoitton for capital production and reactions.

Other than that, you’ll find structures operated by ICU (I choose you) or Eve Mogul next door to most NPC trade hubs.

Choose one, not two.

Either it’s a hub and many people are working. XOR it’s interesting to use it.
in a 2.2 system it’s already for most of my bpos 90M to research them (from 9/x to 10/x).
Now look at the cost in Perimeter :

meanwhile the lowest cost index in HS, for a system with a station with lab, is 1.2


Yeah that’s right, it costs 10 times less to research in a station than in perimeter. However you need to move all your bpos at once and start the research at once :smiley:

I was using the ICU hub in Perimeter but that looks to be off-line. I’ll check out the TTC complex. Are they the best priced installations as far as upwells go?

Minimum brokerage fee these days is 1%. Transaction tax when selling will be the same at all markets - it only depends on the accounting skill.

Job cost for research/manufacturing is based on the system cost index which is very high in Perimeter 11.86%. Station owners will tax the job cost - not sure what that percentage is in Perimeter since I don’t build stuff there. Edit: the tax won’t be 0 - they need to cover their fuel cost, amortize the structure and make a profit.

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