Counter the iron grip of nullsec on HS

Current we are having a scenario of Nullsec having so much power to project in Eve, that they have taken complete control of their own space, large parts of lowsec, and even the trading hubs of highsec. This was cemented by the launch of the Tranquility Trading Towers, which is a merger between the 3 biggest nullsec entities in the game going all friendly to ensure a revenue stream from highsec. This is unacceptable!

The current mechanics dissallow anyone from reasonably engaging a keepstar / Sotiyo in highsec due to war mechanics being as dumb as they are.

Therefore I propose removing XL citadels from highsec both because they are almost impossible to destroy, and secondly because highsec already lives off of the safety it provides, so why should it also recieve the ability to produce at exactly the same speed as any other space?

Make it possible for there to be conflict over who controls the market hubs in even and don’t just give it to the biggest group as always.

Thank you for reading, please discuss.


Says who?
I mean … you … but I mean someone who matters?

Until people scruple to pony up extra cash to people more deserving of it you’re going to end up with this kind of thing.

A trade hub is a trade hub because people elect to use it as a trade hub. There is no property built into the Tranquility Tower that makes it different. Sure, they can probably destroy any direct competitor who sets up shop, but I’d argue this only becomes worthwhile because people don’t care who they give their broker fees to. They just want to pay less or avail themselves of the convenience of a well stocked market.

If you disapprove of who owns a market, the best I can think of is not to use it, and I do not shop at player owned structures unless I know the owner of that structure. Elsewise I use the local trade hub to me (Dodixie), and failing the product being available there, I will fall back to another hub.

Sometimes I commission a friendly power to construct for furnish an item I need directly, such as the Anshar currently under construction at this moment. It costs me more and it is less convenient than throwing money at a trade hub, but if it matters to you where your money goes then taking these steps are what you have to do to put that money in the hands you want it to be in.

Similarly, other people will commission me to provide supplies for them because they don’t want their isk to go to enemies or unknowns and because they have an interest in the overall health and well being of my corporation.

I’ve taken a bit of a tangent, but I believe the trade hub problem is largely a function of apathy in the customer base and that fighting control of the market by one dominant group would involve getting people to care enough about where their money goes to decide to use a different trade hub on that basis. Any mechanics changes will still favor the strongest group that exists when those mechanics are applied.

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I think the problem OP is trying to get at (I might be wrong) is that XL structures are practicly impossible to destroy in HS thus making them too over powered.

Having large as the biggest structure means people can actually contest eachother. So i am definetly in favor of remove XL’s from Highsec.


I agree with this message :+1:

I would like to see all stand up market hubs removed from high sec. CCP increased the taxes at all NPC stations to create an isk sink and not turn it into an isk faucet.

I believe that with the Null Sec Cartel and the CSMs that are conspiring agains CCP & players that CCP needs to look at this very closely.

I would think that a trade tarf for ever region that goods move through would be a good place to start. Maybe to the tune of 1-2% of market price at every region gate or region jumped through. Maybe a full embargo againstt null/low sec shipping goods into or out of Empire space.

This ++

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I agree having xl structures in hi-sec was a terrible idea and spoke out against it when it was happening. But now that they are there, i very much doubt ccp will simply delete/move them. Just a bad decision that can’t be taken back.

This seems very weird for me, i feel like they should add XXL structures

Or… Instead of crying about it. If the people of highsec want to, they can band together and chase off the chains of these nullsecers. It’s empire space, so they can’t bring in their massive Super and Capital umbrellas, so you’ll be fighting on even footing with subcaps.

You shouldn’t be crying to CCP about this. You should be banding together players from around the empire regions to fight back the evil.

Like you guys banded together to stop me stealing sotiyo loot? :thinking:

Current war mechanics doesn’t allow for multiple groups working together so no they actually can’t.


People easily forget … there was conflict and competition around trade hubs for a year or so. Then Gobbins lobbied CCP into a precision change to wardecs in order to end all conflicts around trade hubs.

Removing XL structures from highsec wouldn’t change anything, because the war mechanics prevent any smaller than the blue donut competition to even contest.


God damn, this change was literally the best thing we could ever have done. The sheer amount of salt was so worth, lmao.

But getting back to the point, yeah. Exactly like that. Get people together, give them a shared idea and purpose to stand behind, and the make it happen. :slight_smile:

Cool, doesn’t matter. Make out-of-game arrangements so that you don’t shoot each other. ezpz :clap:

This really bothers me, actually.
They can’t even defend themselves from ships stealing their loot.

How many people are there on grid when that happens?

They’ll always find excuses for themselves, these carebears,
while running their worthless mouths as soon as it doesn’t affect them.

Just yet another worthless carebear.

Honest question: what exactly about these structures makes it so impossible to destroy them? Is there some weird interaction with the highsec mechanics that makes them much less vulnerable than they would be in other places, or is it just the fact that most highsec groups are perma-victim carebears who are too weak and PvP-averse to assemble a force capable of destroying them?

Essentially, lets say test was to defend it without all their allies.

And formed say 1 full fleet of ferox’ 250 guys.

If i was to form 5 different groups say, Innerhell, We form V0lta, Ehefkae, and 2 other parties to match their size in pilots. we would not be able to remote assist eachother due to the current war dec mechanics, meaning you need fleet at minimum a size similar to theirs from a single entity, which is almost impossible due to the 3 biggest coalitions in the game being in bed with eachother.

Regarding the actuall structure it self, it takes 75k damage per second to hit the cap of the structure, then factor in X amount of Tidi and that value gets extensively bigger.
at max tidi it would be 750k to hit the cap, and over 150k dps to even hold the timer, that would be ticking down ignoring tidi.

This along with a final timer (assuming we got that far) being 100% guaranteed to be a tidi fest since Imperium, Legacy and Panfam together would create tidi just sitting there, making it unfeasible to destroy such a structure with only sub capitals.


It’s mostly this but compounded with the lack of capital ships that are designed for bash warfare.

I sympathise with the op slightly, and wardecs are â– â– â– â– â– â– , but high sec culture is the bystander effect on steroids.

Ok, so there are three separate issues then, two legitimate and one not:

  1. Structure defenses do not scale with time scaling. This is obviously absurd and should be changed. If the server clock is slowed down for the ships then it should also be slowed down for the structure’s damage counters, with the result that an attacking fleet making X rate of progress at normal time scaling will continue to make that progress under heavy server load. Structure owners should not be rewarded for spamming the system with tons of extra alts to overload the server.

  2. EVE’s infrastructure can not handle sub-capital structure fights. Again, a legitimate complaint. There is obviously a problem if EVE’s servers can’t handle the load imposed by a sub-capital fleet capable of winning the fight, granting de facto immunity to any structure above a certain size. If CCP can’t fix the infrastructure issue so that the fight can happen then balance changes are needed, either in the form of reduced defenses for highsec structures or simply removing the largest ones from highsec entirely.

  3. Many highsec groups are too weak to win the fight. This is not in any way a legitimate complaint. Highsec groups are free to form their own alliances (bypassing the wardec issue in the process) and fight back. The fact that they have failed to do so does not mean that there is a balance issue that needs to be addressed. Sometimes the other side is just better at EVE than you are and wins.

I can agree that nr 3 is “less” legit atleast, but would still argue that even if everyone in HS managed to “pull together” it wouldn’t be enough considering you’re fighting the 3 biggest entities in the game combined.

But regardless of the size thing, the first 2 points make the 3rd point even more impossible.


Then maybe highsec should stop being bad at EVE. The fact that some players have built an alliance too powerful for you to overcome is not a balance issue. Stop whining and demanding nerfs just because your side lost.

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