The End of Highsec

Structures & Deployables:

Keepstars and Sotiyos, can no longer be anchored in High-Security space.

Existing XL Structures will be fully functional, however once they have been unanchored or destroyed they will not be able to be replaced.

We currently live in a power system where only group has it and no one can contest that power. And now they have the only and final system to ever exist. The decisions leading to this has been the worse decisions CCP ever made concerning highsec and now they have doubled-down. If we cant have it, no one can have it.

Highsec was on its last legs and now has been cut down to bleed and die over the next few years. Now we are in a situation that if we cut out the cancer, then we bleed to death.

I do want to add that this expansion, outside of killing highsec, has been some of the coolest changes and additions to game in years and years. One step forward and two steps back. The sound department has created something better than ever before. I was convinced that EvE was going to be making a huge comeback in players and content and now I see that this potential has been dictated to nullsec only.

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Is this found in patch notes?

If so, could you link it here for the thread? Thx :slight_smile:

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I’m really struggling to see how not having XL structures in high-sec kills high sec.

What gameplay loop in high-sec is so dependent on these structures that it can’t continue in the same way?


That is a room for improvement, and CCP can do whats needed. But would they ever dare? :face_with_peeking_eye:

Perimeter would never be the same.

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More CCP/Nullsec corruption… It never ends.

Now competing with TTT is literally impossible.

We need to Burn TTT and all ‘I Choose You’ to the ground in Highsec… All of us.


This is huge, my home will be lost.

I sure hope the isk funds that Frostpacker had sent to @Aaaarrgg over the years is enough to cover the undocking charges as I have so many pods to start moving

The latest patch (it is absurd to call it an “expansion”) caters almost exclusively to CCP’s favorite crew: Null Sec leaders.


How can we now build the Holy James 315 Keepstar Cathedral 1j from Jita? I want the same immunity than the TTT.


Never gonna happen CCP would just pull the plug on the cluster if TTT was about to fall and even if it did they would restore it and claim some BS excuse or just keep silent about it. :stuck_out_tongue:



Screw all offshores! :fire:

All they needed to do was remove war hqs and structure requirements. If that happens, instead of being forced into compliance or simply being blobbed out of existence, we would at least have competition for power within highsec. The role of CCP should be to create competition and control monopolies. Instead they are anything but neutral. :fire:

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Not removing xl structures but entrenching them is an abject failure. Gotta force removal.


What a load of whining.

CCP doesn’t do player stuff - it sets the boundaries within which we get to play.

Keeps and Sotiyos were freely placeable for years in highsec - no-one really bothered as they weren’t worth it, outside of some nullsec groups flexing.

Now the rules have changed, and probably for the better due to how annoying they will be to destroy.

But, please, do not ask CCP to remove player structures. You have no idea where that monkeypaw will lead us. If the players want those structures gone, the players need to do something about them. It is entirely possible to take all of them down, just there isn’t anyone willing to spend the time, effort, organisation and isk that would be required to do so.

If you feel strongly enough about wanting rid of the damn things, go out in the work to make it happen instead of sitting on the forums crying to daddy that the big boy has better toys than you


Thank you CCP for this change, I believe it is a good change, however, may i suggest that the Astrahaus get a market slot and bonus to be the replacement structure for the XL player market hubs that were used throughout empire space up to now?

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It is impossible and always has been to place anything of value because only one power structure exists and all opposition is instantly wiped out. If you try to war dec, the War HQ is simply blobbed. This is the reason they exist. to ensure that the blob only has to form twice and can force a stand-off. (with a huge isk-loss to make sure you dont do it again). Look at the reason TTT even exists. Its a peave agreement because the content is one-sided and boring. You sir… have drank the cool-aid.

Are you trolling?


Name a market hub with any revenue in highsec thats not owned by TTT and ICY… which is the same people.

Matter fact, read the renters contracts for renters and sub-renters. You cant even place a market hub.


How is that a problem, EVE is a meritocracy: The strongest and/or best organised groups do best. As it should be.

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the most important part of Free Market Capitalism is the role that government plays. I have stated that role earlier. And it would be fair if the changes to the game didnt have direct intentions and consequence.


No, you just don’t like the outcome of that free market meritocracy so you start spouting nonsense and drama. The game mechanics are as they are and anyone strong, organised and with enough friends can change the landscape. If you don’t HAVE that sort of power and friends (not surprised there) then you don’t get to have the big cookie.

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