[SERIOUS] How would you re-design Highsec if you could?


I have seen a ton of threads calling for the end to wardeccing, ganking , suspect baiting, neutral reps, alts, scouts, docking, -10 in highsec, etc over the past few months. It has got me wondering if the people creating those threads were given the reigns at CCP and an unlimited dev budget, how would they remake eve?

What mechanics would you implement if you were put in this situation? How would you balance things? Clearly I’m most interested in what you think about highsec but am also curious about other areas of space too.


Speaking as a newish player, I’m fine with highsec the way it is; no place should be 100% safe, and I think the consequences imposed by the game are reasonable.

The one thing I don’t know about is wardeccing, because as a solo player I stay in an NPC Corp to avoid them. i’d love to try out my own Corp, but the risk of being wardecced isn’t worth it to me. So maybe that area needs fixing and I just don’t know it.


If this was a serious thread it wouldn’t be on G.D.
the only place this can be seriously discussed is inside ccp.

Those threads have been all over the forums since the dawn of time, ain’t nowt new there.

There’s always something for people to whine about because they don’t like it, feel it’s unfair, it’s something only a *insert mental illness descriptor of choice * would do etc etc.

I don’t even spend much time in high sec but I’ve heard enough to know that the problems there are very similar to the the rest of the place. A lot of the problems that people have with the current state of EVE could be fixed just by moving some numbers around.

Looking at things as they are in the game, we are all to an extent bloodthirsty demigods which the major factions can barely control. Allowing us to murder each other, and our non-immortal crew, within High security space where concord can see us should not be something that happens lightly. The most a wardec can cost is like 500 mil isk? That’s absurd. We are paying to have the law look the other way, well as if at this point they have a choice, 500 mil is nothing for a corp.

The price of Wardecs are Far to low. But for all that is good in the game keep Highsec dangerous.

I mean a lot seems like easy fixes. Maybe not technically but its not hard.
Faction warfare. Uh oh. warpcore stabs don’t work inside a faction warfare plex anymore? sounds good to me. i don’t even do it but it seems like a very good idea that the people who engage in faction warfare should be… not afraid of a fight? How about the losing side gets paid slighty more by their empire too. It would make sense. “We’re losing the war, we need more Privateers. They only care about isk you say? Well gee I guess we’ll have to pay them.”

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you admit to not spending much time in highsec…how much should wars cost and why should they cost that?

The max should be more than 500 mil. Hell that should be where it starts. I won’t back away from that but for the exact numbers I have not a clue. I wouldn’t state a figure that would mean no more wardecs but it should be something that matters to the corp initiating it. It should hurt them just a little to initiate a war in High sec. It shouldn’t be a small matter.

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Change high sec in any way?

Separate high sec empires with low sec.


Redesign of High Sec

  1. Five systems that were connected together that were considered disabled player systems where those who have trouble playing the game as fast as everyone else could play and enjoy the game. They could come and go as they please from their special systems but would have to have documentation from a real doctor saying that they had one of the disabilities listed that allowed them access to the disabled systems. A special disability pass would cost $5.00 a month.

Those without the special disability passes would not be able to enter the systems

The disabled region would have two high sec, two low sec and one null sec system.

  1. High Sec ganking would have a more serious penalty for the ganking. Instead of the the 15 minute station timer the ganker would have a 30 minute station timer unless they bought a special permit that reduced the station timer to 10 minutes and cost 150 million ISK a week to use.

3. War decs would increase in price by 300 million ISK per week on top of what it costs per member of the corporation being war dec’d seeing as how war decs in High Sec are now funded through the actions of gankers who bring in billions of ISK on a weekly basis.

  1. Jita -banned and boarded up at every gate into Jita.

  2. Alternate routes through major ganking areas - this would involve toll gates that a player would pay to use to by pass the normal bottle necked ganks where ganking takes place. Each toll gate would have a toll of 100 million ISK per gate and would not allow ships to be bumped outside of a 25 km radius from the gate. CONCORD would always be on station at the toll gates as well.

Huh… I can see how making an entirely different game for people who want to pretend to play eve but also want to be safe at all times could be desirable. But I would greatly enjoy seeing those peoples ships unexpectedly go bang when they think they are safe.

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:joy: Are you disabled dryson? Is that why you get wrekt everytime you meet CODE.?

150mil per week per char to remove 5 mins of criminal. Sign me up. Great idea dryson!

hahaha, just go play minecraft or hello kitty online :rofl:


What about this for an idea:

New Wardeck Pricing mechanic’s to better protect the little guys from bullies:

Wardeck price = 20mil ((WarDecking alliance/corp player count) / (WarDecked alliance/corp)) per week.

1: You’re a 100man corp war decking a 100man corp your cost per week will be 20mil.
2: You’re a 10man corp war decking a 100man corp your cost per week will be 2mil.
3: You’re a 100man corp war decking a 10man corp your cost per week will be 200mil.
4: You’re a 1000man corp war decking a 10man corp your cost per week will be 2b.


Who’s going to pay 1bil to deck a 10man corp? That would be so rare.

That’s a dumb idea that would make deccing even cheaper than it is

That’s the idea 1000man corps shouldn’t be war decking 10 man corps it should only be profitable to wardeck bigger entities.

If you want to target 10man corps then you should be in a a smaller corp yourself, corporate structure should be a strategy in highsec as well instead of the boring way of pile as much crap into one place as possible :stuck_out_tongue:

Eve needs less blob warfare and more tactics :].

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Thats retarded and people would just dec with alts in smaller corps

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If they just deck with alt’s that means the targets only have to deal with alts :] so it’s still a win for them.

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I agree 500mil isk is absurd

Why it’s way more than any concord agent could ever hope to make in several lifetimes. A few hundred isk would make you more than comfortable for the rest of your life planet side. I think the fee should be a flat 1000isk per instance to come in line with the Lore

Your enemies are making that per member in 2hour’s why would that be too expensive for a weeks cost to remove 1 week of playtime for new players where they have to sit in station all day without undocking?

No it doesnt, neutral logi, bumpers ect… Why should it be advantageous to be in a smaller group? This isn’t some carebear game even if youd want it to be

That lore is badly outdated.
Isk is basically 1 to 1 with common dollars at this stage of the game. you can base this off the myrska reports and how much rebuilding a similar earth size city would cost.