Why does High-Sec Exist?

While every other MMO starts off with an intro that tells you you’re going to be the savior of the realm, holds your hand, protects you, nurtures your development and ultimately guides you to your destiny as a hero along with several other million players who’ve had the exact same experience, EVE assaults you from the second you begin to play after you create a character, spitting you out into a universe that under the surface, is so complex that it’s enough to make your head explode.

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The old EVE Online intro movie situations the pilot as the potential Savior of all of civilization throughout the entire universe …https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mjbwsyhJjUs
@ 4:30 “… On the strength of your wings the fate of empires and hopes of worlds will be decided. Take control of the destiny that is rightfully yours…”

The Apocrypha intro … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U4yCeGsI2OY … situates the player as a Beyond Death/Immortal/God destined for Greatness. And hints at separate, distinct, NON-VIOLENT paths to Greatness.

The entire design is based around being harsh, vicious, relentless, hostile and cold. It’s about action and reaction, and the story that unfolds as you experience these two things.

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I have a very simple question for this CCP Falcon. WHY DOES HIGH-SEC EXIST?

If the entire design … the ENTIRE … is based around being harsh, hostile and cold, etc. why does High-Sec exist?

Its obvious to me, that based on EVE Online’s history, that EVE Online has fallen into the hands of a group of NON-creative individuals not just out-of-sync but completely oblivious to trends in fiction, gaming and elsewhere. Reducing the Human to the machine, as evidenced in the recent “Birth of a Capsuleer” video in which the human is shut up inside the machine, becoming nothing more than the spark that helps drive it. And reducing EVE Online to the playground of Cyber-Bullies, where EVE Online is “harsh and cold” but ONLY to the victims pooled up in High-Sec.

Its equally obvious that the poor planning, poor design and poor development of EVE Online has lead to a situation where the developers want to create a PvP game but are incapable, incompetent, to bring it about. And while they grope around blindly they desperately need to keep EVE Online up and running, so they created a zone called “High-Sec” so that they could market the game to the average MMO player who is NOT into PvP. Over time the playerbase discovered that this trade-off had one thing going for it, it created a pool of ready victims, powerless to strike back because of the very rules of High-Sec, and gankable with no risk, no expense and no effort.

I close, bequeathing this thread to the resident Trolls, who will no doubt point out: “High-Sec don’t mean High-Sec, High-Sec mean you agree to get ganked. I don’t know where you comin’ from wit your High-Security means High-Security!” And the presumptuous ISD, who declare what is and what is not “constructive” for the developers!


I would find threads like this far more readable, and at least potentially more constructive, if the OPs would simply spit out their ‘beef’ or complaint in a straightforward manner, what they want, what their expectations were coming in, and what the reality was once they arrived. As it stands, these threads always seem to be full of cryptic nonsense requiring assumptions to be made, reading between the lines to be performed, etc.

Just spit it out. What’s your beef? Why do you have this beef? Etc.


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low-effort shiptoasting is low-effort



How to win the hearts and minds of developers.

Step out of highsec and EVE very much is a PvP gam, on multiple levels. As a result, highsec actually is a good description of what it provides, not just for players, but also for the Empires.

High sec is a secure place where concord make sure no crime goes without punishment.

I personally appreciate the existence of high-sec every time I visit the pleasure gardens in Dodixie. The café there serves the most delicious root beer I have ever tasted. Boy, let me tell you. On a perfect day, looking up into the lobby as my ice melts and slakes the thirst… There is nothing nicer to come back to after an honest days work punishing criminals.


Or more precisely…




High sec exists so that you can do stuff without sucking some megalomaniac’s procreation tube every day. It exists so that you can try out things without having to fully commit.

Not to mention that high sec is, despite the above, far more harsh, vicious, relentless, hostile and cold than null sec or low sec. In null sec, you are largely left alone in your secure, safe pocket of space and rarely have any interaction with other, non-blue capsuleers. If you are lucky, once a day you encounter someone who wants to take away your stuff. In High sec? If you have to go to certain areas, you can have your stuff taken away from you several times per day.

Capsuleers are no where more turned into a machine, a mere worthless number to generate tax income, than in Null Sec. In high sec you can at least have a semblance of personal freedom.

Furthermore, now that null sec has become a risk-free farming ground, that keeps “content” as far away from their farming ground as possible, the people have to go somewhere to get their PVP fix.


Good one :slight_smile:

It offers a distinct experience from the other areas within the game. Different areas offer different challenges, interdependency, group play and pace. High sec requires little group play and is by EVE’s standards, fast paced.

EVE is harsh to everyone, including the “cyber-bullies”. The difference is they’ve learnt how to deal with the harsh realities within the game.

They have not created any part of the game for people not into world PvP. If you dislike world PvP, then EVE was never marketed towards you.

3/10 would take the bait again

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not going to lie, my nipples are slightly hard watching the old version.

Because low, dull, and WH, exist, to answer this with more reasons, look at every game ever made, those that did not include areas that have some restraint built in seen abuse by griefers who will never ever stop, in wow they called them corpse campers, these campers would literally sit and wait for the respawns and kill the characters over and over and over, these folks have no off switch, they have no ability to stop themselves, the more they do it, the more they extract twisted pleasure from some folks knowing they are are being pests and no amount is never enough, their brains locked in a mania they are unable to resist, and that is the long answer as why there must be areas that have some restraint.


High-Sec should be 75% smaller than it is now.


High sec should exist for all those who dont want to be an F1 monkey, for those in control of their own destiny that doesnt want to be a part of the machine. Sure N+1 pays CCP cash and grwos the game but to not have high sec for those independents will screw the dynamic of Eve. Herding cats in null is fine, small gang and group play in low is great as well. But individuals can flourish if they put some thought and initiative into their high sec activities and play in all areas of space. And it needs to continue to be a crucial area of space that CCP needs to cultivate.

It needs to be ironically the hardest area of space to play successfully in. It needs to be the most challenging landscape to navigate yet also a very friendly newbro environment and should have the easiest and hardest time to get good at and master respectively within it. It needs to be the crowning jewel of open sandbox design. It needs to be the formula for ALL open world sandbox designs for ALL MMOs period. And this is the hardest game design balance issue.

High sec is more than just a newbro zone. More than a feeder to the “true” null sec experience. It should be the truest form of freedom, asshatery and gathering of power and money the Eve world can gather. It must offer ALL facets of gameplay in such subtle ways that null, low or whs couldnt ever be. It should inherently be ALL areas of space all combined and that is a hard issue. It should give all areas of space a slice of the pie to have newbros to experience firsthand or 15 year vets something to challenge themselves with.

High sec MUST exist!! Needs to exist!!:star_struck::smiling_imp:


I sometimes wish that High Sec wasn’t so “stable “. It’s been the same systems and the same choke points for years. I’d like to see system security statuses change. If you complete missions and incursions, you can maintain or even raise the security. If you “burn Jita” you could knock down the security status (imagine how interesting it would be for haulers and station traders to react to that!). Too much ganking at a choke point and poof, empires become disconnected until an alternate route is worked up. Make it dynamic, interesting and rewarding… most of all make it so the player actually feels that he or she can actually make a difference in empire space.

If only the code could support such a vision.


Question is answered before asked. Lets start here.

New players need a place to start, plain and simple. It’s complex enough to be a challenge, and relatively safe once you’ve learned to be careful. A place to earn Isk before they get sucked into some player corp and either: actually enjoy the interaction and comradery, or get a bunch of free stuff and cheap ships in exchange for their time and effort to make someone else rich; i.e., an unwitting slave.

The OP’s whining is specious, without high-sec EVE would not exist.


Nice idea. But it would be good in the case when SS really matters. With current CONCORD mechanics SS is actually nothing - just numbers.