Highsec Lobby Channel

A place for those who love High-Security space!
But also: a place for those who want to see the player possibilities within Hi-Sec grow!

Our Beliefs:
1.) The core areas of Eve Online should be improved, as it will draw in (and retain) new players! This includes the starting areas, missions, enhanced anomalies, and more.

2.) High-Security Space can–and should–contain true endgame content on a par with null sec and wormhole space. It alright if this content is different in shape and form, but it should be a more satisfying place for players to grind within. Currently, the oft-stated dream of most players is to own a Titan/Rorqual, or fight in a meanginful war, So, some of us believe capital ships and supers need to have some option for ownership within Hi-Sec, even if there are different rules/conditions than Null Sec. Others of us disagree and want ultra-exotic t3 and faction battleships. Both are possible if they have PvE AND PvP content which is compelling for players to fly such endgame-level ships into.

3.) CCP should keep trying to link these two zones! The holiday filaments which transported people from high-sec into null-sec have proven this idea would be popular!

4.) Once again, we do like nullsec, but we also see its’ current limitations. A large percentage of new players never make it there. Or they do not receive enough wealth and training in high-security space to keep them in the game. We also must face one fact: many players are indeed “carebear” or they simply don’t wish to go to areas where they must live by strict player-alliance rules with the wild politics which are the bread-and-butter of 0.0 regions.

5.) Players should have choice within this amazing sandbox MM but…

7.) We full understand some of our beliefs will be misunderstood. But to brush them aside… is to choose to ignore the daily life of most new players, PvE lovers, retired Null veterans, and those going in and out of Wormhole space.

High sec contains the majority of trade, daily life, and new players within Eve Online. It deserves constant core improvements, but also for many of the core rules within it to be completely shaken up.

Our Goals:

+ To assist the campaigns, and ensure voter mobilization, for highsec CSM candidates, so that more highsec players may get a set on the CSM.

+ To encourage new content to be released in highsec, whether extension of existing content into highsec, or new content made that is added into high security systems.

+ To prevent ill-planned nerfs to highsec, in the mistaken impression that such nerfs will get highsec residents out of highsec, when in reality, it could push many of them out of the game.

What are your own ideas or criticisms? We are open to ALL of them.

Threads buffing highsec: https://forums.eveonline.com/t/allow-capital-ships-supercarriers-and-titans-in-highsec/185705/325

This is the best channel i have visited in a while. Very funny.

Its called “Highsec Lobby”, and they, as you can read, want to lobby for better rewards in Hisec without any of the risks.


This channel, and by extension the thread linked within it, has my seal of approval, as you can see. Very funny.

As you can see there are only like 20 people in there. I hope more come and read the thread. Very interesting read. Very funny. Very entertaining. Could be more funny if we had the man himself join the channel. Looking forward to it.


The obvious fact that Keepstars are in highsec, from a basic gaming balance perspective, demands that at the very least ships capable of destroying them in a reasonably efficient manner must also be allowed. Carriers and dreads.

Otherwise, Get KS TF out of highsec… or is CCP going to confirm to us all that the blue-donut-bloc dictates the rules in order to make the rich richer? Funny that whole NPC tax thing too forcing trade to move to player owned citadels to actually make a profit… Ironic… right???

It’s simple. If Keepstars are allowed then an appropriate counter must also be. End of story.


As usual the OP has trouble reading statements without imposing his own mistaken viewpoints on them. The OP pre-supposes that their goal is to have “better rewards in Hisec without any of the risks”, whereas nothing in the stated goals makes that claim.

The OP appears to believe that deliberately misunderstanding and misrepresenting what is said in a statement so that he can argue against something which does not actually even exist, or which he has misunderstood, constitutes some sort of “forum victory”. Sadly the only loser in such cases is the person who is unable to comprehend what other people are actually saying.

While I do not endorse any ideas or concepts put forward by the creators of the channel (because I haven’t reviewed them), they certainly pegged it in advance by stating “We full(sic) understand some of our beliefs will be misunderstood.”

In before Solstice, Nicolai, Salt and all the other little forum-PvPers jump in with their own rmisinterpretations of what is actually being said.


Don’t be jealous. You can just put up your own keepstar.

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Did you read the discussion in the link provided in the channel?

Feel free to point them out. If any exists, of course.

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EDIT … I forgot: you’re an idiot.


I don’t think I’ve misunderstood they want capitals in hisec. And I was surprised (and dismayed) when Keepstars were allowed in hisec.

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One should never underestimate the willpower of a psychopath.

Edit: These “Silent Company” guys are literally everywhere and make out 90% of that channel.


Interesting I thought they are only numerous in Sinq Laison which I mostly frequent and where I see a lot of them, it seems based on your confirmation that they are allover the place. Hmm. :thinking:

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This is correct. And is the primary reason why I stated “I don’t endorse any ideas or concepts put forward” etc.

However most of the claimed goals “improve the game, more content for high sec, more choice, shake up core rules” etc. are fine, though they lack useful detail for discussion. It’s hard to comment on “good or bad” when the goals are vague (though positive) and the details are sparse.

We’ve already discussed in other threads that Keepstars in high sec are a problem unless you come up with some new ship type (a class between BS and capitals, for instance) or some new weapon or something to combat them with.

I would even say that “allow capitals in high sec” is not an inherently bad idea, although TBH I can’t see it being good for the game. However it’s at least possible that a ruleset could be invented that would allow capitals in high sec without breaking the game or distorting the economy.

For instance, if any capital in high sec had a permanent “suspect” flag, it’s at least possible that it might encourage some interesting content. Or perhaps having a capital in high sec could only be done by player corps that arrange a special jump point or something, and that process automatically makes the whole corp “suspect”. Maybe war decs could be altered to be cheap/easy if the corp has a capital.

I’m not suggesting these as good ideas, just saying the concept could stand a little looking into before being dismissed. Other things like Incursions/Invasions would almost certainly be negatively impacted, for instance.

I fully agree with you they’re shyte ideas. But that isn’t too surprising considering they’re yours.

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Nicolai, I understand you feel a need to shitpost even when you don’t comprehend what’s being said. It’s a normal defensive reaction when people talk over your head and make you feel inadequate.

However if you tried having an actual idea of your own someday, you wouldn’t feel so threatened when other people discuss things rationally. Who knows, it might even lead to you having another idea!

You don’t need to feel inadequate anymore, Nicolai. Just take that step and think up something original to say. It’s not as scary as you think.



It is your job to come up with stupid ideas and it is my job to point them out.


(Curious… what happened to section “6.)” in the first post?)

Capitals used to be allowed in high sec. However they were banned for good reason.

Players will exploit every game mechanic available to them just as pirates exploit bumping. When capitals were allowed in high sec, they were used to defeat all CONCORD ships in a system. When CONCORD was no longer in a system then everyone could freely kill every player, etc. with no repercussions.

I would love to be able to use Rorqual’s and jump freighters into high sec. However, I don’t think there is a need to allow supers in high sec. How will you prevent CONCORD from being evicted from a system?

The act of someone putting up a Keepstar in no way affects your own ability to put one up for yourself. They had to raise ISK to put up a Keepstar. Nothing is stopping you from doing the same. Don’t be jealous of other people’s wealth. If you have cash money laying around, you can buy your own Keepstar by cashing in PLEX.

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Sure. And weve presented these ideas to the original creator of the channel.

And he dismissed them, saying it was too restrictive, and was too penalizing.

He also says things like this:

And when things like cost comes up, he says this:

Thats right, he doesnt see the cost to new players as a problem, because new players can just drop a couple hundred dollars on this game to buy plex/injectors.


Oh, just realized, number 6 is missing. Someone should message @Sabus_Narian to fix that.

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How long has it been since you played the game?


It’s simple. Leshaks exist. End of story.

If you think allowing carriers and dreads into high sec is a good idea, what’s stopping null from bringing all of their carriers and dreads as well? Simply just allowing capitals isn’t going to work out the way you think it will.

Brain cells, use them.


And when he doesn’t have any? Have you thought of that?? Hu???


A LOT of people do not want to ever leave high sec, and they should be allowed/encouraged to do so. but this is not CCP’s vision. they want people fighting and destroying stuff so more PLEX is bought.

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