CSM 13 - High Sec Issues/Suggestions/Ideas

CSM 13 began its duties today with our first official meeting with CCP.

As I noted I would do to those who made comments, I’m creating open issues threads for the various areas of space that players may have ideas, concerns or issues with.

Please use this thread for high sec - issues specific to that region of space.


A simple but effective idea that should hopefully transmit ideas/concerns directly to at least some of the CSM. If the CSM is adamant against an idea, please have them list their concerns and let us know their reasons. Perhaps a short poll before a meeting to prioritize ideas and concerns. Ideas that are DOA in your opinion should be noted,explained in here, and not brought up to the CSM and CCP so that we can reduce the amount of noise and focus our issues. If you can suggest ideas or tactics to help promote or strengthen our ideas, that would be appreciated.

You appear to be starting strong in your CSM term and many of us appreciate it. It would nice to have a stronger voice at the big table rather than be relegated to the kid’s table in the back.


While technically not purely a highsec issue, please remind your CSM colleagues and CCP about this chart from the second CSM 11 summit:

The removal of the watch list, and the recent chat changes which removed the last work-around to tell if someone is online, have made locator agents much less useful, and you can see above, much less used. The core of the problem is even active players are logged off most hours of the day, and with no way to tell when a target is online, you spend most of your time chasing the ghosts of inactive players.

This affects all hunters who used this mechanic, but mercenary groups prosecuting targeted wars were hit hard and it has been argued this contributed to the shift towards blanket wardecs and hub camping.

Regardless of this claim, i can unequivocally state is much more tedious to track down someone in the game without the ability to get even a sense if they are online or when last active. I know CCP is generally looking for issues rather than solutions, but I will suggest that even a simple online/offline indication with a locator search, or indication of last activity in the flavoring text from the agent would go a long way to restoring the utility of the mechanic.

Best of luck on your new endeavour.


Mission runners have a harder time finding content thanks to the “simplification” of the Agent Finder, when it was moved into The Agency interface. CSM Please advocate for restoration of all features of the excellent former Agent Finder.


Link for referance:

Related: Suggest that the new “activity tracker” include functionality of the agent missions to allow players to see how many missions before a storyline and for which agent.


This type of summary or attention raising thread doesn’t have to derail like that. Folks can make a point, like "bumping is problem here’s my idea to fix " and then link to the thread where this argument is happening. Anyone who feels bumping is too hard or easy can go into that linked thread and debate it.

Specifically addressing the question:

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And that thing is just as useless as the Agency window. Instead of fixing the Agency to become actually useful and beneficial as PVE hub, we get yet another UI menu that will inevitably be broken again. And useless for everything that involves prices because it will inevitably use global average prices instead of actual prices from a hub.

CCP should fix the Agency window first and foremost before anything else PVE related. Like this when it comes just to the UI:

In addition, the curating of content needs to go, the agent finder needs to be rolled back to feature scope of the old menu and so on and so forth. I mean, right now you have to specifically select Escalations in the window in order to see it in the system where the escalation is. If you have Suggested selected, the escalations just does not show up. There’s also no end time in the agency window, unlike in the old journal, you have to calculate the end time. That’s bovine waste.

I just written some lengthy post about why I think that wardecs should stay as they are and not be turned into some kind of top down enforced mini-game, but rather enhance the contract tool so that meaningful conflict may arise bottom up from the sandbox:

As for any changes to existing mechanics, I think the whole locator agent thing is in dire need of an update, at least for the ui. You can’t even drag and drop characters there and the input is blocking.


Hi Guys just some suggestions:


I like someone’s Idea about if you have no structure in high you can’t be war decked it will help a lot of new player’s that hate being overrun by hordes of mobsters. No one likes seeing new players leave because they are camped into stations 24 7.

Aggression Timer:

If you access corporate hanger bay while having an aggression timer, the ship with the corporate hanger gains aggression timer as well.

  1. War Dec needs changed
  2. Bumping mechanic needs too be changed
  3. Mining drone speed needs increased or the Ore industrial command ships need a bonus to mining drone speed
  4. The Blood Raider FOBs and Blood Raider NPCs need to looked at and reworked

There isn’t a thread that would really cover this, but industrialists and traders everywhere should benefit.

Is it possible to expand wallet (personal and corp) functionality into something like a ledger?

Currently, wallet remarks are something available only when transfering ISK from a corporate wallet. What I propose is that remarks are implemented as an option in basically everything that can generate wallet entries. This would include indy and science jobs of all types and market orders of all types (direct buy/sell and buy/sell orders).

The aim is to allow traders and indy players to more accurately track multiple ISK streams (and profitability) within a single wallet and to more easily track multi-job or -order projects, especially projects carried out by multiple toons. This could be a T2 building project stretching from multiple invention jobs through materials buying to T1 and T2 building and ending with market PVP during sales. At the moment tracking this, especially with multiple projects at once, is a spreadsheet accounting nightmare, with expanded wallet remarks (‘Proj 13’, ‘Goonswatter’, ‘Rapid Ganking Initiative’) it should become easier.

The real power of this change would show itself in external tools reading data through ESI and to a more limited degree through CSV exports.


Increase FOB rewards,agresiveness and spawn rates

By that I mean have Fob rats actively camp gates and attack players until the camp is cleared or the fob is cleared


This would result in pretty much every highsec Corp having a holding Corp for their structures so that their members can never be targeted by wardecs.


You are right didn’t think of that.

You mean they don’t already do that…

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They might but in this situation their membership Corp would be immune to wardecs, which is the issue…

You guys are right might be better to just remove structures from high then there would be no problem :stuck_out_tongue:

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Here’s a grand idea force people to leave NPC corporations after X number days put them in a special corporation which players can make with a check mark basically checking I will accept from NPC and they automatically get moved into those corporations or if you didn’t want to do X number of days you could do X number of skill points whichever but something has to change in the game because the War deck mechanic is not going to change and me as a player I learned that after playing for several months the right way playing through the missions things like that right now I’m sitting at an NPC Corporation trying to get back down to null because of my long resume history because of me trying different things making my own Corporation nobody wants to put their self at risk because they’re paranoid which is make me laugh this is Eve for Christ sakes not a real space civilization honestly people are just crazy but anyways I think people need to get forced to Branch out because the Wardec mechanic itself is not going to change people let’s be honest

Punctuation please…


Well… I tried. But it may not make sense still.

Change war mechanic and npc corps.