Pre-CSM Summit Open Thread

The CSM summit will be held next week in Iceland, from September 3 through September 7.

I’ve gathered a lot of the issues that have been sprinkled throughout threads in the Assembly Hall and elsewhere, but I wanted to provide everyone with a fresh thread to put specific requests or concerns that they would like me and the other CSM members to be aware of before the Summit.

In addition, I’d also like to know, from your perspective, what are the three most important issues facing EVE right now. Just the top three, and a brief explanation of the issue. Bonus points if you include a suggested fix.

"EXAMPLE (and this is a joke example, so don’t freak - these aren’t actually my top three):

  1. Cloaky camping - Cloaky camping is unfair and kills content in nullsec. Cloaks should require fuel.

  2. Not even ISK making opportunities in High Sec - High sec needs greater opportunities to make isk, because players in High Sec are leaving the game because they don’t have enough thinks to do that are rewarding and aren’t boring. I suggest that we create new missions because nobody’s done that in years.

  3. Tethering on Citadels - Tethering on citadels takes away the fun of station camping, and makes fights harder by providing players with areas where they are untouchable. Tether should be a mod that you online in a citadel and has to be fueled, and shouldn’t work on low power or reinforced citadels."

Thanks for taking the time to provide feedback and I look forward to representing your interests to CCP next week.

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  1. The market - especially tech 2 stuff is too expensive. I suggest a possibility to have a moon-chunk to be ready much quicker than a week, where you twiddle your thumbs and do something else but log on.

  2. All but one LP in highsec pays one guy per hour. Give everyone a market bot that changes all market orders in femto-second intervals to undercut the other market bots.
    I suggest to give all LP store an even opportunity to the magic one that pays people by the hour - I’d say give people 400 million every hour from the LP store like that one in Lanngisi, so that everyone else makes the same isk.
    Or get rid of the dog-tag collection thing. There is no game-play in it and ontop of that all LP stores are awesome isk sinks that people want to sink their isk in voluntary.
    Increase ask isk price tags accordingly.

  3. Is a tie between removing cheat stix or farmville bots.

  1. Citadels need to be fixed and the useless sov null sec feature of access management reigned in.
  2. Server stability. It’s unacceptable with the much lauded TQ Tech 3 that a small fleet of 100-200 people causes so much gate tidi and traffic control, or that people randomly disconnect when nothing serious is going on on grid. Especially in big fights every useless server process and mechanic should be shut off (killrights, player bounty payments, to name 2).
  3. Anomalies in null sec need to behave like Forlorn Hubs, which aggro fighters and drones much more often than other anomalies. They also need to have random triggers instead of easily predictable ones. And NPC should no longer switch aggro from the guy slaughtering them to the guy tackling the slaughterer.

I would also add the removal of FOBs because they are nothing but a huge annoyance, but you only wanted 3. :frowning:

1.Fix game mechanics that allows afk,
2.Fix bumping game mechanics.
3.Fix brain damage inducing mining game mechanics.
4.Bonus round,all AI you ppl introduced and never again looked it up for fixes or iteration let alone expansion…please stop.

If I write a really long post going into details, will it really be read and actually comprehended? I don’t mean that offensively. I mean that reading through lots of posts hurts concentration and comprehension and having big ones where one actually needs to put his brain behind makes it worse.

Put a 15min delay on chat log writing to make intel bots irrelevant (near2 etc…) and make nullsec hunting game more fair

Leave nullification of ceptors alone as they are the only way to catch stuff in nullsec while roaming

Fix wormholes disappearing when jumping through them even if they are brand new

Do something aboIt the tethering mechanic, the new gameplay of having titans and supers facing each other each of their own citadel on the dam grid playing Thethering game is ■■■■ and childish. Commit your ■■■■ already

Do something about the proliferation of supers and titans

Stop super & titan ratting

Stop rats from switching agro to the guy who lands and tackles the guy running the anom, not fair

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Remove multi-boxing, it is the main enabler of mass botting.

Enable the 3 minute bump timer you said you were going to years ago and then never spoke about again.

Actually produce a working 64 bit client.


I hope your first summit is an enjoyable and productive one!

As to your requests for ideas:

  1. Hunting tools - the inability to determine whether a target is online and active has made hunting too tedious. Give locator agents the ability to return activity information, or just don’t make them respond at all when the target is off-line.

  2. Wardecs - the issues are complex and multiple to the point there is a whole Discord community built around fixing them, but start by just implementing a social corp - letting people make their own NPC-equivalent corps with the same restrictions, and perhaps a couple other limits, would go a long way of keeping people who shouldn’t be in wars, out of wars yet let them still have a shared identity without changing the game balance unduly.

  3. This is a bit of a catch-all and likely not as useful for your purposes, but rebalance PvE rewards. Rewards are paramount to driving player activity. If CCP wants people to use their new content, old content has to be adjusted to make the new stuff worth doing. Fix Resource War payouts. Balance Incursions. Nerf drone ratting/missioning. Rein in burners some. Balance effort and reward so that people have an incentive to use the new, presumably better, content.

Bonus issue: botting/alpha abuse/ban consistency. I left this as a bonus item since it is outside the CSM’s purview, but please remind CCP that timely and effective removal of obvious bots, enforcement of the rules against multiple simultaneous alpha logins, and clear and consistent enforcement of EULA and ToS are important to players. No one likes cheaters, and no one likes being banned for violating some opaque and inconsistently applied set of rules. I am sure CCP is acting in good faith and doing their best with all these issues, but they aren’t 100% effective and please encourage them to keep striving to better at dealing with them.



1: Fix the new “not” improved agent missions that are displayed on screen in a worse way than they were before. Fix: reinstate the older method that had nothing wrong with it.

2: Random disconnects that everyone seems to be having ONLY with EvE although CCP tell us to go check with our ISP

3: Citadels in FW space, they have changed the whole landscape of FW, in fact citadels in general not just FW ones, some systems have so many of them that i could space walk from gate to gate in some systems, limit the number of citadels per system.

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  1. NPC Miners- The NPC miners are eating up the belts in HIgh Sec before a lot of players can mine for the day. The NPC miners not only mine the ore but they are throwing the belt spawning off for the next day. Either keep the NPC miners and spawn belts to 100% each day or remove the NPC miners and keep the belt spawning formula.

  2. Mining drone- The velocity of the mining drones is laughable. Fully maxed skills and my mining tech II mining drones only go 687.50 m/sec. Please increase mining drone’s velocity or look into giving Ore Industrial Command Ships a mining drone velocity bonus. I believe this needed because the optimal place for a Ore Industrial Command ship is the middle of the fleet/belt and drones are just too slow.

  3. High Sec Bounties/Loot drops- The high sec combat anoms (the green ones that don’t have to be scanned down) need to have the bounties and all High Sec loot drops need looked at. I have ran a lot of the then and lost isk because the bounties/loot drops have been decreased too much. Please look into this.

  4. High Sec War Dec- All I can say is this mechanic is broken. I have been playing for 18 months and I have seen this mechanic used to chase players from the game. This needs to be a top priority. This mechanic also kills group please for a lot of High Sec players.

  5. Bumping- This is another broken mechanic. If the only answer is log off to stop a bumper, then it is broken as HECK. Since I have been playing the longest time I have been personally bumped was 2 hours and it killed my game play enough I cancels my sub. Please look into it.

  6. Botting- Botting is a MASSIVE issue in this game. I am not sure how to fix it but man! I have a bot fleet I see daily and report weekly, that is making over 3.7B daily. Nothing has been done yet and that is going on 6 months.

  7. Security Standing/Criminals- I think once you hit a certain over all security standing you should be locked out of NPC stations. This would apply to the faction you have horrible standing. I would also like to see Concord spawn more ships when negative standing pilots are in system. I think removing pilots with a certain negative standing from High Sec or even not letting use jump gates would be a good thing. There is no real negative to ganking in Eve since you can buy back standing with dog tags or just gank at -10 standing still.

  8. New Eden- I would like to see High Sec made 100% consensual PvP/War Dec only, make Low Sec like High Sec is now and leave Null Sec as is. This would give new players or none PvP players a place to play, it would still allow for gankers/PvP to have all of Low Sec while increase player number in Low Sec and I don;t think it would do much to NUll Sec.

  9. NPC Belt Rats- I would like to see destroyers added to NPC belt rat spawning in .6 and .5 systems in High Sec. This is a risk versus reward thing and might help stop some of the afk/bot mining. I would like to see NPC rats spawned to match the ships in a belt too. That would help to scale the fight to the amount of players in that belt. It would also be more fun if NPC belt rats did not target just one ship when spawning a small fleet versus players. I know that would help to stop some afk/botting.

I read everything you guys put up. If you want to take the time, I will read it.


Disable the whole wardec mechanic until they come up with a new version of it because it is driving away so many new players who are just victims to this grieving mechanic, it does not make sense. Make 50 dudes from Marmite happy at the expense of thousands of noobs quitting eve? Good job ccp

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Can you talk about this event screw up and the community left on side …

The importance of a good customer service and problem resolution ?

Before this game don’t need anymore CSM …

  1. Improve server stability,performance, and resistance to interruption so that we can play the game.

  2. Bots and alpha account abuse must stop/ be greatly reduced.

  3. Take the AI and programing used for generating abyssal missions/sites, refine and improve it, and use the resources to introduce a mission/exploratory site generator to reinvigorate a rather stale facet of EVE.

  1. There needs to be something done about super/titan ratting and rorqual mining. Both the obscene amounts of ISK and minerals lead to uncontrollable super cap proliferation up to a point where you have to live under the wing of a power block right now or they just park their big asses on your structures. And no, changing the jump range is no solution to this.

  2. Stress balance. While we did have some balance changes earlier this year it is not enough. It really wouldn´t hurt this game if CCP took one of each ship class and play with it for 3-4 months until the next balance pass and then either revert it or keep it if it proved balanced and healthy for the game. Give attack bcs role bonus for fitting grapplers? Proper shield mach for a few months including slot layout change? Give the abaddon role bonus for cutting mjd spool up time by 70% like marauders? Mjfg tempest anyone?
    Eve has a lot of ships and a lot of fun modules. Throw two of them together and let the players decide what could end up being fun. While stuff like adjusting a base stat or increasing/decreasing a ships bonus helps the balance it doesn´t change the staleness regarding some things.

  3. Fix long broken mechanics, starting with FW and wardecs. Afaik cosmos missions are broken too. Maybe LP stores and ESS need some love. Fixing the general issues this game has would help a lot more with player retention than stuff like the abyss could ever do. A new player won´t stay forever in a game where he cannot do half of the stuff or enjoy his evening when being faced with broken stuff left right and center.

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#3 My post #4 in the highsec thread: Agent Finder: it wasn’t broke, but CCP “Fixed” it.

#1 Update / expand / overhaul the Mission system. CCP Dragon has said they are “aware” of it needing updates, but that its not on any ‘road map.’ This is a sad state of affairs.

#2 Make small roaming BC / BS fleets great again. Capitals (specifically carrier fighters) are too effective vs subcaps, nerf this please. Subcap roams happen, but not as often as they could because they are so easily countered. My comment in the nullsec thread references this 2011 dev blog, when the pendulum last swung against capitals, vs subs.

Also ties with this comment by Ripard Teg / Jestertrek:

CCP refers to titans and supercarriers as “aspirational ships”, like they’re the automatic and required end state goal of every EVE player. But EVE is a sandbox and I just don’t care about that corner of it. As CCP increasingly requires such aspirational ships to succeed at EVE, I become less interested in EVE itself.

Forgive this second post, but there is a late-breaking issue I wish to add:

  1. The proposed external cargo bay access. I am all for couriers being able to complete contracts, but not dock, if their docking rights are revoked. I am not as fine with allowing anyone who can get on grid with any citadel, including one they are shooting, to have open access to asset safety. Asset safety may be a necessary evil right now, but we don’t have to make it that trivial to use especially for enemies or neutrals to use your structure. Solution: limit the transfer only to courier packages for those without roles, and give unrestricted access to users with docking/tether rights (for the caps/super caps which are prevented from docking).

CCP might complain that your fix would add server costs of checking access lists and item type.

While site runners deep in unfriendly space may get past gate camps with less loot if they use the option, others may not be willing to give up 15% and wait two weeks. Perhaps CCP hopes this new form of safety will INCREASE low and null traffic. More “mobile loot containers” running around, is surely a good thing.

I’d love to hear CCP make that complaint. This is why I asked @Brisc_Rubal to take this concern to them at the CSM meeting.

No, I do not think that is what happened. What happened, is that CCP got the reasonable advice from a focus group and others that courier contracts scamming was too easy, and something needed to be done to prevent just locking out a courier after they accepted a contract. CCP came up with a solution, and to justify budgeting the development time, they looked to apply that solution as far and wide as possible, which is, in general, a good way to leverage your limited game development resources. However, in this case the game design people on the team failed to recognize, or underestimated, the wide-ranging effects giving easy and unrestricted access to asset safety will have on the game balance itself.

This change is not shaping up to be a targeted change to address a real problem limiting the utility of courier contracts. Instead, it is going to be a general buff to safety everywhere but wormhole space, and turn your private Upwell structures into a very useful tool for your enemies and any rando that wanders by to secure loot.

If CCP really thinks that nullsec needs to be made even safer and that is the reason for this change, I’d love to hear that from them. So please Brisc, add this concern to the pile if you will be so kind. I’ve been around long enough to know that this is probably in vain as “features” like this one announced so close to shipping usually just get pushed through and are rarely iterated on later or delayed to be tweaked, but it can’t hurt to make it clear what is likely to be the outcome and make sure that is really their intention.

Sorry for making another suggestion but this may interest the capital pilot crowd - pirate LP stores.
So the Serpentis capitals can be obtained in the Serpentis LP store and with the addition to the blood raider and Guristas capitals, the only way to obtain those or not is to run this sotiyo sites which require at least 5 titans to run.
The Guristas, True Sansha and blood raider capital would be awesome additions to the pirate LP stores for the same amounts of LP and isk as the Serpentis ones.

I haven’t look at the Serpentis LP store recently but I am guessing that 100 burner missions would do the trick or the pirate agents could begin to give out level 5 missions like the ones we have in lowsec.