CSM 13 - Null sec Issues/Suggestions/Ideas

Yes, the umbrella, not the ships. Attacking the umbrella means being able to hurt the guys covering under it while they think they are safe. You missed that by as much as you missed anything else I said.

Correct, it is not going to be fixed by ceptors. But neutering ceptors, which are the only real contributor to destruction in that particular region, you remove a vital risk element from null sec that causes at least a tiny bit of risk while leaving the defenses, which have grown out of all proportions as they are. You can’t just neuter one “problem” and leave all the others as they are. That is what you and all the other people arguing for nullification removal argue for. And that is something I absolutely do not agree with because it removes risk from the most profitable and supposedly least safe area of space.

That role needs DPS to follow up on the tackle. Good luck getting that to the tackled target without nullification while roaming throughout the region and not just counting on lucky WH entries.

That works sometimes, but you can’t count on that all the time in order to cause mayhem in such a productive area. And try to roam around in this fleet setup all over Delve. Good kills anyway. :slight_smile:

Killing an AFK VNI or maybe a Raven/Rattlesnake ratting with interceptors is about as good as you are going to get. Anything larger than that you won’t be able to take down in a short enough amount of time before a response fleet hits, forcing the intys to scatter.

That’s not attacking the super cap umbrella. That’s barely annoying it.

I don’t see how removing weapons from interceptors, is going to make null sec less safe. Ceptors will still be used for fast tackle, which is their primary use now and always will be.

That’s literally what every balance pass does.

Fast tackle grabbing a target and staying alive long enough for the rest of the fleet to get there and fight is fundamental to every roaming fleet in the game. You’re acting like every single system in nullsec is bubbled and gate camped 24/7. We both know that’s not true.

Because you misread something? Removing weapons from ceptors makes null sec more save, not less. And that is what I said. I do not understand where you read that garbled mess. It is also not the primary role of DPS ceptors as they do not have tackle bonuses. Their role is to apply some DPS and that’s exactly what they do. Fast tackle is the role of the tackle ceptors.

It is something. There’s not much else you can do in this EVE where everyone is pushed into the most unfun and hideous ship class of them all. But it is better than nothing, which would be the result if nullification of DPS ceptors was removed. But that’s what the CSM wants anyway.

Nullsec complaining that frigates are too strong is as bad as highsec complaining about ganks. Just pay attention and align out. That simple. Isn’t that the equivalent of telling someone in highsec to fit some kind of tank?

It was a typo. I mean more safe.

Why are capitals so effective against subcapitals? Is this the problem? The overall balance pendulum has swung back and forth on this question, in the past.

Take a look at this 2011 dev blog, when the nerf bat was swung at capitals.


It’s because of fighter tracking, there is no ship that can get under its gun’s and so naturally no effective counter, the only way that would even come close would be if your ship goes over 4.5k/s so maybe a 100man retribution gang pimped and drugged out might be the only thing that can handle fighter’s.

The game was a lot more balanced fighter wise before they went and gave it super god like tracking.

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for years I have never catch interceptor -2 second warp, it is a shame to have added nullification, it became very secure to travel and move large values in it.

I use a stiletto with 6200 scan resolution, with booster, fiber optic connection,
but because of the ticket server is completely impossible to catch and if the person uses a ping no battleship can kill him.

For me this is normal that expensive or special ships “is this ability” (luxury or t3).

for me it must be removed first,

and also add to the smartbomb the same graphic effect ball as the cyno, because right now it’s all flat and complicated.

good day all :slight_smile:

I could see an Adv. Combat Probe, that gives you a limited range warp-in on a cloaked ship. Nothing so small that you decloak the camper, but gives you a chance to combat this tactic. And fully limiting this said adv. probe to JUST emissions from a cloaking field would seem fair too.

In EVE, be it HS, LS, NS, or JSpace, there has always been a risk to reward effect, every time you undock you run a risk, you make it to your desto, unscathed, reward. With cloaked Campers, once in system, they sit with no risk, absolutely sure of their immunity to your fleets, slowly destroying the ADM of that system, thus making entosis easier for their fleets.

They should share in the risk just like the rest of us! (didn’t mean to take over your post Sierra, as a NS resident, I loath the camper!)

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Everyone does its the lowest form of pvp in the game and isn’t even fun for the gate camper it just passes the time. " O yay I pressed f1 on another ship, back to watching youtube."

Remove local chat from Null Sec and it will create much more pvp action and excitement within a very stagnate and stale area of the game. Also, that solves your cloaky camper problem, you won’t even know he’s there.


Bot farming and carrier pve. Capitals should be a capital investment and not a yolo pve boat you fly every second of every day.

Wherever you go in null, you get dropped upon with a carrier or dread. EVE used to be a competitive place but now every roam end with your cyno and capital online.

Remove the cyno module and leave the covert cyno. Capitals can use gates now, they do not need to insta-travel from north to south and back to kill this ibis in syndicate 10 minutes later.


Sov upgrade to remove local for non-alied entities,cyno inhibitor hic module,

This is why I’v given up and moved to low sec, eve online is not what it used to be for the solo/small gang pvper.

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Idk maybe a targeting delay after jumping to a non covert cyno…

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  • add to Jump Drive system to the bowhead, is very cool for deployement.

It will not. All it will do, is more capital drops on roaming gangs, more botting (yes, because bots can read grids better than humans and can report gate activity better than humans) and more power concentration. Removed local will only have adverse effects on EVE.

Yet when local was bugged many suspected botters were destroyed.

I guess the adverse effects are to the bot nations

That’s a singular event with no implications on how it develops further down the road. Drawing conclusions from bug created situations sure is a reliable basis for good argument.

And that is what you did when you guessed it would lead to more bots.

Capital drops happen all the time. No place is safe from hot drops or super bait. So that part is irrelevant.

If people want to kill bots, removing local has already proven to be effective.