Are Interceptors really losing bubble immunitiy?

Saw this here:

Looks like “Combat Interceptors” are losing bubble immunity? Is this real? Any idea why they would do this if it is real? Doesn’t that basically destroy the entire purpose of the ship class?

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It is real. Only the Combat interceptors (Claw, Crusader, Raptor, Taranis). The Tacking ceptors (Stiletto, Malediction, Crow, Ares) keep the interdiction nullification.


As much as I hate the Idea of having to trade all of my travel raptors, I like this change.

Combat interceptors will still be one of the fastest frigate platforms, but wont be as slippery so that a combat fleet cant get across the galaxy as easily.

Tackle interceptors will still retain their role for movement and being able to be true fast tackle.


A combat fleet of ceptors across the galaxy is hardly an issue. A combat ceptor fleet rushing through several regions to terrorize the locals is also not an issue. And as for frigates, without nullification combat ceptors are useless compared to AF as they cannot tank gate guns in low sec, their tank is lower, their DPS is lower, the utility is lower, and so on. Combat ceptors have no use after this change as even T1 ceptor frigates are better.


Pretty much this.

But to be honest, I’m not crying about it. I only ever flew a claw, and only ever a fozzieclaw. Especially after the AF changes, the only time you used a combat cepter was when you wanted to get in, blap something in a single volley, and get out. Rinse and repeat. ■■■■■■■ hate that playstyle.

Glad they killed it.

Combat cepters never really made sense to me as a concept anyways. The speed never really warrants much use over an assault frigate, even pre-ADCU.

I use them for more than just blapping. And in certain areas it will be very difficult to move around and endanger ISK making when bubble camps and Hictor camps with titan/super drops on gates have a meaning again. I am not looking forward to that time at all.

Since nullified ceptors are a thing and stationary bubbles expire, the use of huge bubble grids has declined significantly – that is a good thing.

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Eh… at the end of the day, how much damage can a cepter fleet really do?

Blops remains a thing. If you want to endanger isk-making and be nullified, use a nullified T3C and cyno in your blops fleet.

Shotgunning everything and blapping some VNI is meh. Finding carriers, rorqs, etc, you’d never kill those in combat cepters. Not reliably anyways.

Bombers, recons, and battleships… those can do it. Of course, umbrellas are a thing too. But I’ve always said umbrellas are too much at the moment.

A lot. A whole lot. No VNi is safe from them. No Rattlesnake, no Dominix, no mining barge or exhumer. Also no illprepared solo Wannabe hero PVPer. That is all in jeopardy when hictor camps with titan cynos are useful again.

That’s absolutely true. And it makes blopsing a lot harder than it should be, especially because of the far reaching spy network of CFC. BLOPSing is in my opinion nothing but an auxiliary force multiplier to combat ceptors. BLOPSing is boring as you just sit around while some few people hunt. Mixed ceptor, bomber, AF fleets are a lot more engaging and full of activity, which is in jeopardy because bubble camping and bubble screwing grids becomes more meaningful again.

By existing and obsoleting bubble camps, they even allowed your preferred playstyle to become more relevant again as fewer bubble camps were inhibiting your AF mobility.

There is no difference in nullification. Nullification means you are immune to the warp disruption effects of area of effect warp disruption fields, in other words hictor bubbles, mobile bubbles and interdictor bubbles.

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But they only lose their immunity to T2- Destroyer bubbles right? For all the other bubbles they are still immune as I understood? That seems a right balance to me since destroyers are meant to be a counter to frigates. Like the T2 destroyers can also counter the specialized T2 smartbombing frigates with special rockets destroying the smart bombs.

Rivr answered your question above. They will lose immunity to ALL nullification, period.

That still feels like small fries to me. You are right, cepter fleets can kill that (sufficiently sized at least). And you’re right that other roaming doctrines suffer from camps.

But look at the groups, particularly the Goons, where their hictor/titan camps are a thing. Are they really out ratting in rattlesnakes and dommies, and mining in barges? ■■■■ no. They’re super ratting, they’re rorq mining. The bigger the group gets, the more it can camp gates, but the members aren’t going to waste time with small ■■■■. They’re thinking big. You’ll find the odd one from a player that’s not high SP yet, but most of the ■■■■ is all way too much for a cepter gang to actually kill.

Disclaimer here, I’ve not recently roamed Delve in anything fast enough to get ahead of intel channels. Smallest I’ve ever flown was T3 destroyers.

Every so often I make a PF&I thread asking for combat bonused blops battleships… literally an ancillary force you can drop on a fight to really shove their faces in the mud. I agree with you here.

Being a battleship/bomber/recon in a blops gang isn’t so bad… you watch netflix while the hunters hunt. Blops-and-chill as we call it. If you want a more active role, be the hunter.

It’s real, and combat ceptors will be useless after the change. Nullsec CSM cried to CCP about their losses to ceptor fleets … and got it nerfed, to save the RMT cartels. Business as usual.

But we are only half way through the agenda, nullsec wants to get all nullification being removed from combat ships.

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While this is true, you need a critical mass of bombers to accomplish anything in CFC space (I do not care at all about outer space). Even 80 bombers are not enough in many cases, instead it’s a logistical nightmare to manage with blops out of fleet, taking spies into consideration that can welp your entire fleet. That burns out FCs and bridgers and content dries up over time.
It even makes the hell camps of PR- worthwhile again because people can’t just undock in a Claw and have fun in Delve because they bubble screw the station undock and have boson titans on the undock. Sure, you can have ships in other stations, but it is annoying having to compensate for null sec risk aversion.

A ceptor fleet mixed with bombers can do damage in small numbers and frustrate the hell out of people. And then farm them more when they come at you in their frustration.


Dyson, is this you?

Is that about combat cepter nullification, or is that about capital umbrellas? Combat cepters escape the umbrellas by just warping off if they’re johnny on-the-spot with their cyno. That’s their strength. Of course, getting IN to attack is their other strength.

A bomber fleet doesn’t need 80, they just need enough to break the tank of their target… at that point it’s a function of time, where I feel the underlying problem is umbrellas, not camps.

It’s absolutely the case that a camp can break a roaming doctrine, but that’s not inherently bad. I want to be able to assert my control over my space. The fact that you get uber-blobbed beyond anything you could even hope to beat… well… that’s the unfortunate reality of trying to attack a major power. While Eve != RL, imagine if Somalia decided to declare war on the US, Russia, China, etc. They’d get laughed at, there’d be a few cruise missile strikes, and the fight would be over.

One must remember that in Eve, one is entitled to nothing. Not even the right to enter certain space. You’ve gotta take that right from the other guy… and if you can’t, well… tough luck.

Blops is meant to get in behind enemy lines, and circumvent those blockades. They’re ideal for that. The counter to a group with a big enough stick to actually secure their space. You can of course still intercept covert ships, but they stand a better chance of getting in.

Not something I’ve ever tried before, to be honest. I can’t speak to it.

all the hilarious straw man rage clowns, it’s hilarious. They never used to have this feature and did fine. Now they’re removing it: “might as well delete them from the game”. Idiots.

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It’s always about the umbrella. It’s not a problem in other areas of space because there is no huge coordination, but a huge problem to achieve anything at all in specific areas.

You can exert control over your space. Even in Delve people can slow down or reduce the effectiveness of a ceptor fleet just by being there, and they can destroy big portions of that fleet in solo ships. A couple of very competent Rattlesnake and Nightmare pilots prove that. The problem is that people do not pay attention and are lazy when it comes to defending your space. People just want to blap intruders out of their space, laugh about frags and continue PVE.

Indeed. But Somalian pirates or the pirates in the strait of Sumatra are very good at interrupting traffic and hijacking individual ships. That’s what Claws do.

Lol oh you mean back when carriers didn’t insta lock frigates and do 3k dps?

It is really funny like any change meets “but… but… endanger ISK making in nullsec!!!”.

It looks like the whole game was reduced to 0.0-sec farmers and those who prey on it.

You can solo a ratting VNI in a combat ceptor. You can kill most if not all sub-capital ratting platforms with a number of Claws. Carriers also die to combat ceptors, unless they have a proper active tank or manage to get reps. Enough of them and you kill a ratting super.

This change doesn’t take that ability away per se, but it’s not hard to predict how non-nullified frigate gangs in highly populated Nullsec regions will be met in the future: bubble + boson.

I can’t say that I personally like the huge claw roams too much - it gets boring after a while. But making this impossible could end up in less destruction in a game that already sees far too little of it. For larger targets people will continue to use blops bridges, but there may be way more solo ratters that won’t be touched.