Combat Ceptors need a bit of a Buff

(Gah'Matar) #1

Since combat ceptors lost the bubble immunity, they’re now relegated to being expensive and usually worse alternative to their T1 frig alternative serving very little benefit, they have same or worse tank and usually worse dps.

I think they need some slight fitting buffs and a damage oriented bonus so they are a faster and gankier or tankier (but not both at the same time) alternative to T1 attack frigs.

(Kirimeena D'Zbrkesbris) #2

Already in the game. They are called Assault frigs.

(Kynami Vaille) #3

The solution would be making them even faster in warp than anything else including the fleet interceptors. Not expecting bubbles? Run anything in the game down assuming you know where it has gone and is going.

Thus making them the absolute fastest way to on-grid tackle without a cyno within your own space, but they die in a fire when bubbled and focus fired.

Alternatively let them fit a defender launcher. Its a combat interceptor let it intercept bombs too. =P

(Gah'Matar) #4

I think it was clear I meant the Condor, Atron, Slasher, and Executioner. Which are pretty much all on par with their racial combat interceptors except for warp speed.

(Val en Thielles) #5

Taranis is both gankier and tankier than Atron as it stands (base speeds are same)- over 7k EHP with nanites and T2 bulkhead rigs, the DPS is pretty much on another level. I feel that it’s currently a very interesting alternative to Comet given the current pricing, but most of the EHP being on the hull is putting me off from flying it myself.

That said, I agree that combat interceptors have lost their primary feature after bubble immunity removal and that needs to be corrected somehow.

(Sebs Pride) #6

I understand your sentiments, but it should not be, “just a better assult frigate”
Like any improvement I can think of to buff combat interdictor would just make me question why there are assult frigates, and it should not turn into a buff fest between attack ceptors and assult frigates.

(Eriker Gengod) #7

well you’re in an interceptor. Your job is to make the ship stay where you are. You’re expected to die unfortunately. If you got a good team…idk ask for shield rep or armor rep if you dont want to die that much ? lol. IN my case if I tackle, I just use some t1 cheap tackler.

But in your case I dont know if its possible for CCP but maybe a bonues AGAINST ship. as in some kind of bonus the tackle could receive or use could be tracking turret speed penatly when other ships are trying to shoot us on top of the speed we use.

I mean, I know I can get more agility, maneuverability and speed really high which helps me if I’m being targetted but having that special bonus I think should help the survivability against others tareting me.

(elitatwo) #8

You mean like -80% capacitor usage and +25% range? Yeah, I like it.

(Old Pervert) #9

We don’t have any use for a “combat interceptor”. We already have tackle ceptors, which are colloquially just “interceptors”.

An interceptor is quite clearly intended to “catch things”. Within their niche, cepters are intended to be the fast tackle that grabs thigns before they get away. Once they do, you’re best off holding it down with an AF for sustained “fast-ish” tackle, letting the cepter warp off and not die in a glorious fire.

A “combat interceptor”… what is it for? What does it do? It’s not going to be able to catch things, its combat performance is lackluster at best, and certainly relative to the isk, is not worth the cost for “catching and killing things”.

IMO, they should be given anti-fighter bonuses. The player counter to carriers. A ship with weapon bonuses that mirror an SS fighter. Let them utterly shred fighters (and maybe drones although that feels very “meh”), at a cost of being basically worthless against anything bigger than a frigate.

Niche FW players will probably complain, but you’d probably see way higher adoption rates.

(Makshima Shogo) #10

The difference with assualt frigate’s is that they are able to run a rep while mwd’ing making them very tanky.

I feel that combat inti’s should not really have to tank at all, it should be just projection out to 20km’s with great damage and tracking, pure glass cannon and dies to a sneeze 1k ehp around, then they will be very unique and great fun and could counter fleet interceptor’s.

(elitatwo) #11

I believe we have an entire ship class for this called destroyers.

(Old Pervert) #12

Not to forget the ADC giving them a cruiser sized buffer?

(Makshima Shogo) #13

Destroyers can’t land get to the fleet interceptor quickly kill it off and warp all within 6-8 second’s, they slow sluggish and die after a single fight even after separating tackle from the rest of the fleet.

(Old Pervert) #14

Fozzie claws were exactly why they get nerfed into oblivion in the first place. That was a problem, and although the solution fixed the problem, it ruined an entire class of ships.

(Makshima Shogo) #15

Yea I’v tried a few time’s really have a love for the raptor but damn are they rubbish in pvp, they do almost no damage and die in 3 seconds to Rapid lights.

(Old Pervert) #16

Oh absolutely, they’re definitely rubbish. All combat cepters are… which is why their adoption rate bottomed out after the nerf. The only real use you see now is people who either have a stockpile, or are trying to find a use for their stockpile.

I have claws scattered across new eden. They used to be hella-useful (OP, but useful). I can’t bring myself to trash them, even if that’s all they are now.

Ultimately, the thing that will need to be avoided is that “warp in, blap something, and moonwalk out before they can even get a shot off”. That’s what got them nerfed.

(Makshima Shogo) #17

What about if they got more sig tank instead as a bonus compared to fleet ceptor’s. An 18% reduction per level instead of the 15% fleet interceptors get, could be interesting.

(elitatwo) #18

Why would you try to tackle an Orthus with a Raptor on purpose?

You should know better than that. And you know exactly how this will end for the Raptor or any other interceptor for that matter.

And I didn’t claim they would. However, they do explode if you stare at them for too long.

(Old Pervert) #19

To what effect? You can already sig-tank cruisers with them, hell, even destroyers to an extent. At the end of the day, the same thing that kills them now is the same thing that will kill them with that change; a scram/web. Once they aren’t moving fast, they would die just as they do now.

Their lackluster performance in every other category is why they never get flown. They can’t survive the scram/web, they can’t kill things fast enough, they quite simply can’t do enough of everything. Giving them more sig tank might help a bit, but it doesn’t really give them a niche. It just makes them perform a tiny bit better within the limited niche they already have.

(Makshima Shogo) #20

Dual prob could help them after they get scramed, so maybe faster base speed and a heavier weight could work + no less than 3 mid’s per inti, that way in afterburner they will be faster but in mwd they will still be the same so we don’t have run away mwd speeds, that end up cuasing kiters nightmare’s.

Then they can still intercept + scram kite for tank, they wont need a ab speed bonus so wont step on sansha toe’s.