What's happening to combat interceptors?

There’s a Halloween update saying:

“Beware of roaming wolf packs at Halloween! An upgrade to Combat Interceptors in EVE Online means more damage, more fittings and more reason to jump into these ships for some Trick or Treat action!”

Any idea on what this means? A general buff all round?

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I’m pretty sure there has been a complaint for a while now that the Crusader, Raptor, Taranis, and Claw are lacking. Their Interdiction immune counterparts are commonly seen, but the other half is underwhelming.


Underwhelming seems like an understatement lol

I imagine they may add a mid to the crusader and claw, and a low to taranis and raptor? maybe some cpu and grid? and another bonus which still wont make them as useful as a ram jag, brawl enyo or kite retribution…


Yeah, honestly I don’t know what they could to make them worthwhile.

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It says there, doesn’t it? More speed, more DPS. Just bandaids without actually improving the ship class.

Probably just puts them back to their pre-nerf damage levels but why are we having to guess this? Can we stop with the vague patch notes please?

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Actually it’s a Newsletter / Advertisement but yeah, I agree 100%.

Any type of Official Announcement should be presented with more detailed info instead of just a vague generalization which everyone interprets differently.


it’s teasing ! Dude you need to do com !

combat inties immune to dscan. C’mon CCP, do It!


Damage was never nerfed as far as I am aware. They “only” lost their nullification, which made them utterly pointless.

Watch the Vegas stream. CCP desperately needs people to watch it or better yet go there to justify it and make the last stay there great. :innocent:

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I will be laughing my ass off if they get cloak support.

I’m expecting an extra turret slot and more cpu and powergrid to support it. Not exactly what they need though, since Taranis already does more dps than Ares. I would rather want to see them having very tiny signatures (like 20-25m), become slightly faster, or become able to fit non-covops cloaks without penalties.

I read it that they were being buffed just for the halloween event, but thinking about it, I guess that is rather pointless

Keep the damage the same and make them more tanky plus a scram/web bonus would increase their capability as survivable tackle no ?

reduce sig would increase their survivability.

Wait and see, we can’t tell until CCP gives more information.

hmm maybe an immunity to being scrammed??


Kidding, i like the mystery behind it a little but its not a new class of ship - some vague story about duvolle labs updating their combat interceptor design and others have followed (with some minor details about the plan) would probably have sufficed.

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Instead of scram, immunity to being webbed would be pretty unique.


Oh. Maybe a mini built in micro jump drive. That would be hot.


Making them not appear in local Chat would be nice.

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When was the last time you fought a fleet of combat ceptors ? See, it’s already working !