Howling Interdictors Update - Now Live on Singularity for Testing

Bubble Fearing Capsuleers,

The new Howling Interdictors update is coming on 27 October, screaming its way into EVE Online, bringing changes, variety and balance to Interdictors and Combat Interceptors!

The choice of which Interdictor to use for a specific purpose in-game becomes more interesting with changes to Power Grid and CPU usage, velocity, ship bonuses and more to some vessels in this category.

The changes in full are as follows:


  • CPU increased to 250 tf (was 210)
  • Power Grid increased to 71 MW (was 64)
  • Max velocity to 316 m/s (was 305)
  • Signature radius to 78 m (was 85)
  • Mass reduced to 1,100,000 t (was 1,200,000)
  • Gallente Destroyer bonus changed to “5% bonus to small hybrid turret rate of fire per level” (was 10% bonus to small hybrid turret optimal range)
  • Interdictor bonus changed to “15% reduced mass penalty from armor plates per level” (was 5% bonus to small hybrid turret rate of fire)


  • CPU increased to 290 tf (was 280)
  • Caldari Destroyer bonus changes to “10% bonus to missile kinetic damage” (was 10% bonus to missile explosion radius)
  • Interdictors bonus changed to “10% increased shield HP per level” (was 10% bonus to missile kinetic damage)


  • CPU increased to 270 tf (was 240)
  • PG increased to 70 MW (was 60)
  • Amarr Destroyer bonus changed to “10% increased armor HP per level” (was 10% bonus to light missile and rocket max velocity)

The update to Combat Interceptors will see the Claw, Crusader, Taranis, and Raptor receive a 100% bonus added to the benefits of overheating Afterburners and Microwarpdrives.

A new Stasis Webification Probe will also be introduced as part of the Howling Interdictors update, acting as a new charge type that can be used in interdiction sphere launchers. When used, it will drop a probe in space with a short delay until it explodes, applying a 30% web effect to all nearby ships which lasts for 30 seconds.

These changes should be going live on Singularity today shortly so please go test things out, web bubble your friends, and let us know what you think!


1st Bout time dictors got a lil love


Including the dictor itself? This doesn’t sound very useful, as the relative speeds of attackers and defenders doesn’t change on close range …

Kinetic lock for caldari…missile system is vesatile weapon system.

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Did CCP forget about the Sabre :frowning:


To avoid misunderstandings I suggest to use the word “wubble” for webification bubble.

FC: Keep bubble and wubble on Gate!
FC: keep the gate bubbled and wubbled.


Sabre is already quite strong, this is just rounding out the others to help them fill additional niches.

It has a short delay, so you may just be able to drop it and bounce out before it goes off.


that overheat bonus on ceptors though. oooh baby.


Would “interdiction nullified” ship hulls (ie interceptors, subsystem specialized T3Cs and luxury yachts) be immune to the web effect?

why, they go sooner in warp if webbed. no disadvantages

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Its landing on gate for travel fits that I’m concerned with.

No, as it’s not an interdiction effect. It uses the same resistance rules as a normal stasis webifier module.


does the w(ebb)ubble work in lowsec?

149 large bubbles, 250 interdictor bubbles, and 250 Wubbles = server crash in tidi


Do the ammo change reload delay apply here? I assume this is the case, so you have to decide carefully what to load before a fight … or bring two dictors. A bubbler and a wubbler. :wink:


Good that english pronunciation of Wubble and Bubble can in no way be mistaken for the other the way people like to say words.


can you use the web statsis probe in lowsec?

The Flycatcher does an insane amount of DPS, so the kinetic lock is justified in this case. it has 10.5 effective kinetic launchers which is higher than most cruisers in the game. The Heretic is not kinetic locked but only has 9.33 effective launchers as a result.

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It’s more like a bomb (delayed effect). Presumably you could drop it and then warp out or cloak before it detonates


Great question - checking now and will update this comment momentarily once I have an answer.

Update: Because it uses the same interdiction sphere launcher module it cannot be used in lowsec (because the module simply cannot be activated in lowsec).