How to fix combat interceptors

Since they lost their nullification bonus, CCP should give them at least double their current PG or halve MWD PG requirements in order to allow them to overprop. Currently, only a select few frigates are able to fit a 50mn mwd and it’s a really niche role usually for burning bookmarks. By giving this to combat interceptors, they get their own little niche.

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I’d prefer more ehp or damage.


If this is how you feel, let’s give them to alpha clones

why should alphas get anything? they already can fit a punisher with a 50mn mwd that flies like 7km/s

interceptors should be able to intercept, they dont need anything but the nullification tbvh

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How about giving them ability to fit small micro jump drives? They would have lower cooldown and spool-up time than their larger counterparts. And this should be in player ideas and suggestions.


i agree on giving frigates the chance to use oversized mods. but not MWDs, we dont need more mobility power creep, in fact there should be less.

the role of an interceptor is to catch enemies and prevent them from escape. they werent supposed to be travelling ships or scouts. combat interceptors more so taking in account they are designed to both fulfill that role and have some kind of damage potential.

10MN ceptors? i wouldnt complain but still, they are fast already.

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Combat inties are fine. Just because they don’t fit in the null blob/clown doctrine and most people have no clue about other types of pvp doesn’t mean they suck.

Combat interceptors quite simply have no niche. There’s no reason at all to use them. An AF can almost go as fast, deliver way more punch with way more tank. Tackle cepters can still lock things down for the AFs to catch up.

Giving them “stuff”, still doesn’t make sense. The point of an interceptor is to chase things down. But we’ve already got interceptors (tackle cepters) that can do that.

Making them go faster by overpropping them is extremely narrow niche at best; their agility will be ■■■■ just like everything else with an oversized prop. Combined with their lack of tank, it’ll just cement them into the “dead” category (whereas now people are still trying to find something to use them for).

Combat cepters should just get converted into their tackle cepter variant, and the entire combat interceptor category (which was stupid to begin with) should just get deleted.

I’ve got like 50 claws spread out through space, that I’m literally never going to sit in again. I’d go reprocess them, but it’s not worth the time. Combat cepters across the board are useless. Make them useful by converting them to tackle cepters.


How about the tackle inty lose their scram bonus but keep the disruptor one and combat get the scram . Combat inty could then be the ultimate scram frigs.

As stated above Its all about giving them a niche

how about:

-give the scram/disruptor bonus to both types of interceptor
-remove the interdiction nullifier from both
-increase their agility further so they go way more faster than AFs
-perhap swap defensive bonuses to a velocity bonus for ABs and MWDs or increase the signature radius reduction bonus so they are harder to hit

basically enforce their role as being chasers and tacklers instead of a mainline combat vessel.

your wrong, they suck; i know, i flew them a lot but now no reason to use over their faction or assualt frig counterparts.

And by “they suck” you mean “they’re no longer OP”. Because if something isn’t OP, it’s clearly ■■■■.

You understand this actually hampers their ability to chase targets right? And that with out it the only thing any interceptor has going for it is its 30Km point range… at level 5…

The only argument i have seen for ceptors to not have nullification is that not having it makes nullsec more dangerous… for the people that dont live in that particular area.
Like literally worst idea everywhere except for people looking to afk mine or rat in sov sec where TBVFH its bloody hard to catch anyone anyway…

Don’t forget that niches are a scarce resource. When you give one ship a niche, you’re taking that niche (or splitting that niche) from something else.

Combat cepters have no niche… and giving them one means making them meaningful in some way within that new niche. In this case, you’re advocating nerfing tackle cepters (undeserved) to give combat cepters a reason to exist.

Just roll combat cepters into tackle cepters and the problem solves itself.

if you think they are op you clearly dont have a scooby doo and shouldnt even be here.

Also, you must be pretty ■■■■ at the game

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They do suck. Donkeys and goats at the same time.

Name for me one thing that a 10 man combat cepter gang can do, even just “as well as” a 2 tackle cepter + 8 AF gang. Other than run away because they can’t take the fight (surprise surprise!).

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Seems to me theres a lot of people in this thread that clearly dont have a clue about interceptors, dont fly them, never came across one and also dont even pvp…

Sure ceptors are annoying but they fill very niche roles within a fleet and its bloody DAMN hard to find anyone thats actually good in one.

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apparently ceptors are op, i know this because someone who doesnt know anythibg about them told me above…

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bubble immunity, small sig, high speed, good dps. Yup they’re quite good. Not all, obviously, but as a whole it’s too good. Assfrig changes didn’t affect that.