Micro Blink Drive for Combat Interceptors

Oï !
So, recently I finally got started with doing some PVP aboard Interceptors (Stiletto :heart:), not simply use them as near intouchable travel means.
And it’s great ! While not being as big as the Keres’, or Mordus’ Legions’ bonus, the +5% to Warp Disruptor and Scrambler range is extremely good for a pilot like me, as it allow me to pin down enemies while letting the main fleet either join my position, or do the dirty job (and still getting a respectable tank with MSE and the speed damage mitigation).

However, I have so far only used tackle Interceptors. The nullification on those ships is simply to great to pass out however some more DPS added to the fleet. I also heard a lot of people complaining that since combat ceptor saw their nullification removed, it simply destroyed a big part of their gameplay, and they just became lighter Assault Frigate with less DPS and tank (we can see this with the price difference between combat and tackle ceptors - nearly half the price for some).

As such, I thought about giving Combat Interceptor their own gimmick, to bring them in line with the other T2 frigates oriented for offensive actions in capsuleers engagements.

The Assault Frigates have the ADC, the tackling ceptors have nullification, the Stealth Bombers can mount battleship torpedoes and Electronic Attack Ships get a second EWAR bonus that allow them to fit very well in fleets (I’m not counting Logistic Frigates as I was talking about offensive ships).

As such, I’m proposing this gimmick for the combat interceptors : the Micro Blink Drive. By its name, most of you might have recognized what its purpose will be : a brother of the Micro Jump Drive.

However, there are some differences and advantages :

  • Even with a pilot with Micro Jump Drive Operation at V, a MJD still need nine seconds maximum of spooling time before propelling a ship 100km forward. The MBD could have a spool up time of three to five seconds, depending on a pilot’s skills.

  • The module would retain some features of the MJD : 2 minutes of cooldown (maybe a reduction bonus tied to the Interceptors skills, like Marauders ?), augmenting the signature radii of a ship by 150% and can be shut down by warp scramblers.

  • However, I do feel like that propelling something as fast as an Interceptor 100km forward of the ship’s nose might be a bit too much. The “jumped distance” (don’t really know how to call it) could be smaller, maybe like a 50km or more jump ?

A such, a Claw would get the following bonuses :

Interceptors bonuses (per skill level) :

Minmatar Frigate bonuses (per skill level) :

Role Bonus :

  • 80% reduction in Propulsion Jamming systems activation cost
    • Can fit Micro Blink Drive modules

So, what do you guys think about this ? Thanks for your answers in advance :slight_smile:

Balance issue would make it much more difficult for targets to escape at gates.


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Which is the whole point of Interceptors : to prevent people to get out ?

Gate camps are a large part of why interceptors are such an issue, because you can’t fly anything larger or you get tackled. Making that even more oppressive is not a good thing


Holds nothing over simply using a command destroyer tbh, the targets that you would be chasing are often too big for a combat ceptor to deal with (as you will be wanting to scram the target)

Not sure how long youve been playing with interceptors either or if anyone has told you about spiralling and tracking? if not you may want to look it up.


I’m seeing the differences, I guess… but am not sure I’m seeing any advantages… or anything that would make it special?

And I’m really not seeing how/why making a ceptor ‘mjd capable’ would make gatecamps more oppressive or them any harder to escape than they are now?

So… lets make them more “interceptory” by giving them 150km ‘blink’ with an inverted direction (i.e. facing the opposite direction you started but maintain velocity), at which point your fleet could warp to you and engage the BS fleet that just MJD to 100km… or you can burn in and murder the command dessie (yes of course an interceptor can destroy a destroyer).


well yes, i have done in the past lol.

That inverted direction sound complicated and… i dont think your actually serious :stuck_out_tongue:

Ahh I was thinking it wouldn’t be too complicated, cause it’s literally inverting the vector (unless i’m seriously screwing up the math in my head… which is entirely possible). And yes, serious. “of course” was italicised cause I figured someone would say ‘that’s dumb u can’t do that’, but i know it’s possible :slight_smile: so yes… slightly trolly :stuck_out_tongue:


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Wow it is pretty obvious, do you have ANY experience with gate camping?

Why don’t you enlighten us with your gatecamp science, we’re all eager to finally see you explaining why you disagree with something.


I do, but obviously not as much as your superior tone indicates you have, so please, enlighten us?


I appreciate the motivation to make Combat 'Ceptors stand out from Fleet 'Ceptors since they lost bubble immunity.

This is not the way to do it though. Combat 'Ceptors are already some of the fastest ships in the game, making them potentially faster, even in short bursts, would be overkill.

I can understand, thanks for your constructive feedback :slight_smile:

Enlighten yourself, I’m not your mother.


How do you expect people to improve their ideas for the game if all of your comments can be resumed by :

"HuRr duRr tHiS iS bAd

-1 !"

Try a bit mate. We’re just asking for you to make up your damn mind, so we can understand your ■■■■■■■ answer about why an Interceptor with my idea would be a problem for gatecamps.

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theyre actually not that fast averaging 3700m/s with level 5 skills (mwd running) unless you fit overdrives and nanofibres, which in the case of the crusader and taranis… and really the claw if you want to brawl…

In regards to gatecamps im at a loss also as spool up times for mjd is too long for a properly set up camp… or even one that just has a normal frigate with a scrambler. Isnt it like 6 seconds or something?

You cant run the tama camp with mjd for example and they dont use a hic (navy maulus usually)

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Lol, so you have no idea then, very good, can safely ignore your

Certainly makes things easier.


By your own admission you are posting on a topic you do not fully understand and you want me to educate you?

How about educate yourself before you post.