Combat Interceptor Boost

I’m not putting this in “PVP” since I’m not discussing how the game actually functions and it’s not “suggestions” since this was a thought exercise and I’m not actually suggesting this is how the game should be. So… “General discussion” it is?

So what if they all had a -70% PG and CPU requirement for 10 NM and 1 NM Afterburners, a +200% overheating bonus to propulsion device (instead of the default + 50%, and since the role bonus is +100%, I guess that’s +150% in the real gam? I’ve never flown an interceptor to be honest). Overloading an 1 NM AB would have a -70% cap use and overloading a 10 NM increases duration by +200%. The third movement bonus would be “reduced effect of speed reduction when AB or MWD is active.” So the first web on you counts for 100%. The next counts for 86.0% like normal stacking. The third counts for 57.1%. But the 4th and beyond has no effect. All combat interceptors gain a 10mm frigate bay with the “bonus” of “-90% HP and tracking for light drones.” And then let you put them in frigate escape bays. Black ops can contain any combat interceptor while those that use ladar sensors can put in a Crusader, those that use gravimetric sensors can use Raptors, those that use magniometric can stuff a Taranis, and those with ladar can put in a claw in their frigate escape bay.

What would this do with combat interceptors? You’d have the ability to go really fast. Nothing would be able to get away from you and we’d could see things like fallen Armageddons spit out Crusaders.

Ceptors are fast enough already, what kills them is they need to lose a high to fit nullification. Their speed is quite good already.

Wait, both types of interceptors can use nullifiers?

now you got me, need to check when I’m home , I used only crow so far, but i believe yes

Yes, both can use nullifiers, but only the fleet interceptors get bonuses towards nullifiers. This means the combat interceptors suffer heavier targeting penalties than the fleet interceptors, but you can nullify them.

The latest buff the combat interceptors got was the massive buff to speed when overheating the propmod, which is unique to combat interceptors. They can go really really fast now.

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