Combat ceptors, still homeless

With little exception combat ceptors are not being flown. If you want them to have a place they need a way to do their job that doesnt guarantee they die. Taranis grabs a thorax it’s 100% dead. Whereas an ares can hold point indefinitely, do drive bys to slow him down, and leave if need be. Just using gallente stuff as an example, they all suffer similar shortcomings. They live to be in scram range but that’s also where they die. The fix is easy, give them something special. A suggestion would be to shield their prop from warp scramblers. It doesnt have to be that, but something like that would give them life again. o7

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Make them dscan immune.


This, and possibly giving them webber resistance as well.


Salvage bonus

And make mining lasers do targetted damage to modules, while we are at it.


It wouldn’t make any sense to make them warp scrambler immune. Warp disruptor immune, on the other hand, would be interesting.

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Giving them assault damage controls would also be interesting.

They do need some kind of close-range resilience, because a scram/web combo, even coming from a large ship, almost always kills inties dead.


There was a recent thread with some good commentary and discussion on Combat interceptor

BTW @Xeux d-scan immunity is an awesome idea worthy of consideration


I actually disagree. They come out of warp so quickly, that it would be literally impossible to respond. D-scan immunity is better applied to larger ships, such as black ops.

Not immune to scram, just shield their props. They cant warp but they can burn is the idea.


Combat interceptors need to be far superior in terms of offense/defense and/or maneuverability than their nullified counterparts in order to be worth using- this is the first area that needs to be a addressed in terms of rebalancing: widen the gap between the two. D-scan immunity wouldn’t address these issues, and wouldn’t necessarily be required to give them an edge if the issues were to be addressed, but depending on the extent to which the two subclasses of interceptors are buffed/nerfed it is worth considering - icing on the cake if nothing else

(That is why there’s a :question: on my bulletin :grin:)

Just have to do something to make them more survivable at close range. Shielding props is one idea, assault damage controls is another, webifier resistance (not immunity) can be another one.

As an extension of this design methodology, we can start asking for point defense systems for larger ships. Smartbombs are already pretty good for that, but unfortunately, can’t be practically used in empire space.


Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :heart:

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I agree that to make combat interceptors useful again, they need something special.

Not dscan immunity, as this is more suited for slower ships that sneak up on someone, and on top of that, isn’t special as combat recons already have this ability.

Combat interceptors need a special ability that’s suited for fast tackle frigates. I like the idea of MWD immunity to warp scramblers!

Or what about doubling the overheat bonus on MWD?

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MWD immunity to scrams is probably OP, though it would be less OP and worth considering if it only applies to “regular” scrams and not Heavy Scrams/scripted WDFGs. This would increase utilization of scripted HICs, even in HS/LS, to counter interceptors. Overheat bonus (and maybe heat damage reduction from MWD overheat) is also worth considering. The web resistance bonus is prob the best idea I’ve heard so far (apart from overall buff/nerf treatment).


I think ‘MWD immunity to scrams’ only means immunity to the MWD-disabling part of scrams, not the warp disruption part. That’s how I interpreted it anyway.

As such, I don’t think it’s OP for a ship type that specializes in going fast to stay alive. Powerful and a reason to pick the ship into certain situations, not not OP. And combat interceptors are in need of a reason to pick the ship into certain situations.

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There is no role for combat interceptors right now, so talking about why dscan immunity does or doesn’t make sense for their role isn’t relevant.

If I am cruising around nullsec (that doesn’t belong to me), then I have two main choices right now - an interceptor that is basically just a warp-immune shuttle, or some kind of cloaky ship. I think having a dscan immune option with semi-decent firepower would be a valuable addition the the gaming options.

Just because somebody thinks that dscan immunity should only apply to some pre-conceived type of ship doesn’t mean I wouldn’t use it for my playstyle.

It might be game-breaking, especially in wormholes, low-sec, and high-sec wars. Warp-rigged interceptors (further booster by implants) effectively “teleport” on grid, so your targets wouldn’t have any time to respond to the threat at all. If there’s no counter of some sort, then it’s questionable game design.

I’m intimately familiar with this, because I used implanted, warp-accelerated interceptors in high-sec wars and wormhole tackling. One second they’re mining, the next I’m on top of them. They would tell me afterward that they were watching local/scan, and it was as if I teleported to them from a different system.

Uhh . . . combat probes would fix absolutely anything to do with dscan immunity.

Combat probes have a delay, and are obfuscated by other ships floating in space (like at PoSes and citadels). Scanners can operate at very short ranges, and can alert you to an incoming danger that’s specific to you.

Also, not every ship can even fit one of those, and most won’t be viable if they can.

I still have a hard time believing the “game-breaking” potential.