Micro Blink Drive for Combat Interceptors

Dishonest much?

LOL, afaict there is no balance issue with the proposal, simply expanding your sentence does not make it so. Have you been hanging around Naari too much?

Would you like to try again?


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Honestly, your mjd ship isnt going to get away from a taranis with a scram at the gate; unless maybe its a regional gate; possibly constellation but then we would just be splitting hairs.

And i can also assure you travelling in one direction and mjd backwards would be highly difficult to actually do well imo.

Though im still not a fan, and youd have to add midslots to at least half the class.

Ahh this is something I hadn’t considered… and probably breaks the whole concept… you could forego tackle or prop, but then you’re not really intercepting anything.


This topic was never focused on gatecamps. It was focused on trying to give Combat Interceptors a bit of their shine back.

Might be time you finally stop being the little bitch you are and do something helpful. The section were you answered the most is this one, and as said, all your comments can be broke down to an half retarded answer helping no one, and the minus one at the end.

Want people to learn ? To improve ? Help them, godammnit. You’ll see, that would first justify your superior tone, and second would make you see less answers that are apparently bad.

Go one. We’re waiting.

Handing out solutions to a puzzle or problem isn’t “helping” because you will teach you nothing but ask for a solution or help.

Learning is the experience of turning that computer thing on your neck on and experiencing it yourself.

Ask yourself, how would you do it? What would help you in that case and is there maybe something you can use to do just that already in the game?

There’s a difference. There is handing the solution out, and there is asking a newborn to complete an engineering class work and then spitting on them when they struggle with the start.

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Okay let us split those hairs a little more.

First that “newborn” has to be under parental consent and of the age of at least 13 to be able to apply to become a citizen of New Eden.
Disabilities aside, it is safe to assume that this at least 13 year old “newborn” can read and has heard of the Internet.

Every citizen of New Eden has the same information of a 16 year old legacy of reading material to get and derive information from.
These very forums are the third iteration of an attempt to communicate to the developers whereas the former two iterations are in a read only state, ready to be read by everyone on this planets with an active internet connection.

I fondly remember the forums prior to this one where we had a “warfare and tactics” section with all kinds of things listed to do or not do in New Eden and even though I wasn’t very active in those, I still found some time to read up on what people were or are doing in New Eden to each other to prepare myself for things to look out for or take advantage of.

You are under no obligation to read all those pages but in 16 years there will be at least someone who had the same idea or plan and wrote about it and what went wrong or worked very well.
The only good thing about this forums is that the search function works somewhat and is sometimes even accurate.

It is tiresome to read the same question asked and answered numerous times in my 13 years now and the same nooby attempting to not sound responsible for his own actions, telling us that she or he is “new” and “needs to ask x” for the 84280462956279456729525825th time.

Ask away and learn 0 if you must but do not blame us for telling you.

We can feed you for a meal but you still didn’t learn how to fish and feed yourself forever.

seems like it pretty much sums it up :slight_smile:

As an afterthought, instead of buffing the current combat interceptors it might be better just to nerf the align of ALL ships other than combat intys by 1s. That way, almost no ships would have sub 2s align (and the ones that do aren’t nullified).

Ultra warpspeed, space jumping, near or actually insta-locking spaceship that can get ‘under the guns’ of many ships.

Hey! why should gankers and pvp’rs actually be competent, make it so that the defender / victim loses 100% of the time.



Why not? It gets rid of perfectly safe travel-ceptors, what’s wrong with that?

They are not perfectly safe. No ship is.

But it will help “newbros”! :roll_eyes:

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