Combat Interceptors

is anyone still using these and why?

Are they any good for anything? prices certainly seem to have dropped drastically.

Still being used. For worthless stuff in system and not across multiple systems any more.

Down to 1/3rd of kills, 1/6th of kill value and 1/3rd of loss value and other combat ceptors are even worse. The Crusader is down to 8% of previous kill values.

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Do you think thats just people using what they still have in stock though?

I stopped building them, just don’t see enough profit to justify the build, fast taxi tho.

fleet ceptor is better for that tbvh.

At the demand of null sec blobs CCP rendered them mostly useless. Thank goons and move on :wink:

guess i should plough some isk into vni alts huh :stuck_out_tongue:

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