Make the ceptor like it should be again. the old way

Hey CSMs

Please do everything you can to get ceptors the passive immunity to bubbles etc back. this new module and stuff has ruined everything about what made ceptors fun. Ive played ceptors my entire eve life. and now after extensive testing in combat scenarios. You might aswell remove ceptors from the game, they are not useful as tackle / scout anymore which is their primary function both in fleet but also small gang pvp.

Im sure im not the only one who has voiced their doubts and everything about this topic. So i implore you to help get a useful tackler back in the game. Because at this point what will we have now ? logi and dps trying to alpha people and get jumped because they cannot know what is ahead of them (during bubble runs etc) I know im making extreme scenarios here but its also in the smaller scale. At this point i find t1 frigates better at the job than interceptors for the job. which is totally unreasonable since what do we need interceptors for in the game.

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@Brisc_Rubal @Mike_Azariah

Give it more than two days.

The “old way” was that they were not nullified. That was added later. Somehow they were still useful back then with zero nullification but yet they are mysteriously useless now with active module nullification?

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