Nullification module not working!

Yesterday and today I was caught in bubbles from a large mobile disruptor I and from a flycatcher.

both times I activated my nullification module (on a BR) and received the message:

You are within a warp disruption zone. Get xxx meters from xxx to warp.

I play with the new native mac client, don´t if this happens only with this client.

already made a bug-report.

be careful!

Do you have an ECM Burst fit installed?

That will nullify the nullifier even just being installed.

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Wut? You for real?

CCP slipped that into a patch release several months ago with little fan fare. :woozy_face:

Sorta like the way having the new warp stab cuts your drone bandwidth in half just being installed.

God damn, I did not noticed that. And I was sure I used both modules before the last patch and it worked.

So my fault here, sorry.

It wasn’t the last patch. It was earlier. Don’t recall exactly when, but this year.

Those dirty rotten scoundrels.

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This was a fix for a special nullsec tactic, using swarms of nullified ECM ceptors. Long before nulli change. Now more ships can nulli, but suffer from this for them new drawback.

So winning tactics bad?

As always, if somethings becomes too common and easy, CCP will nerf it. So always pray your favorite ship or play style doesn’t have a top place on KB or makes nullbears whining.

I have no opinion on this one, not playing in null. But in general it’s a good nerf for haulers, the nulli module was a too big buff imo.


The nullification module should be better as a mid or low slot or rig, a high slot makes exploration ships less versitile imo.

High slot was the worst place to put it imo.

The high slot is the least restrictive, because ships “requiring” the module have spare ones. Not so much other slots. Remember you need a fitting upgrade on ceptors, or much reduced tank on top.

Well, I like my probe launcher, covert ops cloak, and salvager, now I have to drop the salvager on a 3 high ship for the nullification module, alternatively, 4 high slots will do then.

I have a versitile roamer.

You had no nulli before, so then drop the nulli for the salvager and everything is as before the patch :slight_smile:

I did on a ceptor :slight_smile: Which I also had three highs on with those modules.

Nah I’ll drop the salvager for the nulli and go back to cov ops.

I had one too on my travel ceptor, never used.

True, rarely used the salvager in W or null as much as the nullification.

But, just in case, opportunity arises.

I agree. As a navigation module it should have been competing with other navigation modules for a low slot, in my opinion.

Is it still a subsytsem on the T3SC or has that been removed and made a highslot there too?

The nullification subsystem of T3Cs still exists and gives bonuses to the new high slot nullification module (same as interceptor bonuses, lower penalties, shorter cooldown, longer duration I think). No extra high slot though and any T3C can equip the nullification module now to become nullified regardless of subsystems so the nullification subsystem is pretty useless these days.