Nullification and Warp Module Update – Live Now!


The Great Escape update is now live and you can read all about it in the news article and patch notes.

Following last week’s testing, we have made a few changes to the final design based on your feedback, so do make sure to check what’s different from the Singularity test server before jumping into New Eden!


Thanks for making a complete pigs ear of the deployment of this.

The changes are bad enough as it is without you (CCP) screwing up the implementation of them.


Yep, convinced now: A nerf disguised as a buff.

“Bonuses” to offset penalties that didnt exist previously.

What a snakeoil salesman you are now CCP



So was the restrained nullifier supposed to work on bombers and not cov-ops?

Extreme stupidity… Let’s make EVE, Fortnite… Or may be Epic will release “EVE” skins for Fortnite. Anyways, EVE becomes more and more low grade, third person shooter… One advise by me: make the shooting not automatic, but by clicking the left mouse button… I suppose many people will love this!


Still looks a bit raw. Did you just rolled update on wrong server?


Love the change. Love the drama it’s causing even more :slight_smile:


I have no issue with the changes, completely fine with them. But perhaps, just perhaps, it would have been smart to announce this sort of change BEFORE it actually went live so that people can adapt their fits before they’re pretty much stranded in space or a WH or whatever.


Well in the previous post there was the information this will be a low slot module. This is definitely NOT a low slot module.

Obviously the ‘Scarcity’ nerf phase and the removal of Resources didn’t cause enough destruction so now you guys implement The Great Escape…

Well, whoever thought of that patch name must have had a premonition of players escaping this game…

Because that’s what’s happening from all these daft game changes you guys keep implementing.


Let’s see how online will fall after these changes. The mouse cry, prickly, but they continue to chew on the cactus, and the developers, the story of the blackout did not teach you anything that radical changes must be done very carefully.


I’m pretty much disappointed for the latest updates.
CCP has entirely ignored the communities concerns.
The nullifier change hurts interceptors and Tech 3 cruisers seriousely.

Tech 3 cruisers have been nerf’d three times since 2017.
The first one was the Tech 3 cruisers overhaul. Proteus was made to be a trash by that change.
The second was surgical strikes updates. Tech 3 cruisers are not superior to otherships on its resistances and the change hit Tech 3 ships directly, thereby being more vulnearble on its defenses, which significantly impacted smaller groups that should keep their individual ships mighty.
The third was Legions/Lokis nerf. There was controversy as to whether the change should be proper or not.
Day by day T3Cs are getting worse. The only aspect T3Cs have been used in the way of scanning is only that the ship had nullifications. Exept that point, T3Cs are mostly inferior to covert ops ( agilitiy, speed, mass etc ). Now there are no reason to select T3 nullification subsystems. New nullification bonus of T3Cs are totally useless as the reactivation starts after the cycle. Ceptors / T3Cs pilots need to wait 30 seconds to have reactivation finished on every single jumps. The great QOL change.

Adding nullifications to the ships which should not be capable of ( Covertops, BR, DST etc ) and make ceptors and T3Cs garbage.

Warp Core Stabs change is also horrible. Now you can fit only one WCS and has sonly 2 warp strength. Hostile pilots can easily predict the target warp core strength. For example, so far you needed 10 warp scram strength at max to catch impel. Now you can surely catch any DST with T2 scram + Fac scram.

Is that the landscape CCP desire for ?


It’s on the shuttles, the tool tip has not been updated.

This was changed on SISI - it’s in the patch notes.

No, that was a bug and it’s being/been hotfixed.


Dibs on the Steve McQueen role! :motorcycle::wink:


Well. They want a “The Great Escape”? Let us give them one.


“Oh we’re just testing it”.

Enough is ENOUGH!

IF you don’t outright unsub at least stay docked up. We’ll see what happens when logins are down and space is emptier.



What is the purpose of the heavy drone penalty on nullification modules?

The only drone ships that can use this module are drone T3Cs and I cannot imagine why these ships should be penalized. Poor Proteus.


Proteus is ccps shared fleshlight. Didnt you know?


I don’t think starting a new thread is going to help CCP, you clearly ignored the feedback of the playerbase and rushed out a barely functional patch with numerous bugs

You didn’t compensate players with a T1 interdiction nullifier for each ship affected which could result in people being stranded

Everything about this patch reeks of PA pushing you to make changes, because the alternative is you’re entirely incompetent and tone deaf to the actual changes that need to happen?

Which is it CCP, were you pushed to change this or are you just terrible at game design?


Nullification and warp core stabilizers now stand as active modules with a very short activation time and a substantial cooldown between uses. That means select ships can now use them tactically, rather than limited ships being able to take advantage of nullification and warp core stabilizers.

The following ship classes are compatible with the new modules: Interceptors, Blockade Runners, Deep Space Transports, Tech I Industrials, Covert Ops Frigates, Luxury Yachts, and Strategic Cruisers.

Taken together, this reads like only those ship classes will be able to use the new WCS, too. Please get a copy editor, CCP.