Nullification and WCS Updates – testing has begun!


The Great Escape, one of our upcoming updates, is now available for testing on the Singularity Test Server. After a number of conversations with the CSM, we would love to hear feedback from the rest of the community on these changes!

Please keep in mind that what you see on the Singularity Test Server is a work in progress and we may tweak the numbers or adjust the design based on testing and player feedback before the Great Escape hits Tranquility later this month.

Updates to nullification and warp core stabilizer gameplay are live on Singularity. This includes converting nullification and warp core stabilizers to stand as active modules that have a substantial cooldown between uses will add depth and alleviate concerns around their previous use as a powerful means to escape.

Nullification modules will be available for the following ship classes:

  • Interceptors
  • Blockade Runners
  • Covert Ops Frigates
  • Deep Space Transports
  • Luxury Yachts
  • Strategic Cruisers
  • Tech I and Faction Frigates
  • Stealth Bombers

Fleet Interceptors, Luxury Yachts, and Tech III Propulsion subsystems will grant bonuses to the active duration and cooldown duration for interdiction nullification module.

Classes formerly specializing in nullification will have strong bonuses, making them a much more attractive choice overall:

  • Interceptors, Luxury Yachts, and nullification Propulsion subsystems have the passive nullification removed.
  • Interceptors, Luxury Yachts, and nullification Propulsion subsystems now have new role bonuses:
    • 50% reduced target range penalty and reactivation delay for interdiction nullification module
    • 100% increased duration for interdiction nullification module
  • Passive nullification will be added to all shuttles.

Interdiction Nullifier I (NEW)

  • Slot: Low
  • Powergrid: 1 MW
  • CPU: 38 tf
  • Active Time: 10s
  • Cooldown: 150s
  • Activation cost: 150
  • Target Range Penalty: 50%
  • Scan Resolution Penalty: 50%
  • Max Group Fitted: 1
  • Required Skill: Warp Drive Operation 4

Compact Interdiction Nullifier

  • Slot: Low
  • Powergrid: 1 MW
  • CPU: 32 tf
  • Active Time: 12s
  • Cooldown: 150s
  • Activation cost: 150
  • Target Range Penalty: 50%
  • Scan Resolution Penalty: 50%
  • Max Group Fitted: 1
  • Required Skill: Warp Drive Operation 4

Restrained Interdiction Nullifier

  • Slot: Low
  • Powergrid: 1 MW
  • CPU: 38 tf
  • Active Time: 12s
  • Cooldown: 150s
  • Activation cost: 150
  • Target Range Penalty: 50%
  • Scan Resolution Penalty: 50%
  • Max Group Fitted: 1
  • Required Skill: Warp Drive Operation 4

Interdiction Nullifier II (NEW)

  • Slot: Low
  • Powergrid: 1 MW
  • CPU: 46 tf
  • Active Time: 15s
  • Cooldown: 150s
  • Activation cost: 150
  • Target Range Penalty: 50%
  • Scan Resolution Penalty: 50%
  • Max Group Fitted: 1
  • Required Skill: Warp Drive Operation 5

The penalties to ship performance remain as a passive effect and only the warp strength will improve when the module is active. Stats:

  • Activation cost: 50
  • Active duration: 20s
  • Cooldown: 120s
  • Warp Strength increase: 1
  • Targeting Range reduction: -50
  • Scan Resolution reduction: -50%
  • Drone Bandwidth reduction: -50%

In addition to these changes, we’ll also be adding a new attribute to select modules that will allow them to activate while under the stargate cloak. This ability will be added to both the new Nullification modules, and also the Warp Core Stabilizer modules. We’d like to hear more feedback on what other modules you would like to see this ability with!


Very nice! I like it


Here’s a crazy idea:

Why not just have your weapons cooldown affect your nullification. If you are aggressing, you cannot get nullification. Done. It’s an easy thing to do, little changes required, makes it easy to let people move around, and gives people a chance of escaping.

Eve is too ■■■■■■■ hard to do minor ■■■■ like ‘I want to move here’. Make it easy for people. If it’s just time they are wasting, who the ■■■■ cares. Or just make it easier for people to move around their pods. I deal with newbies who are constantly struggling to do the simplest things because we have to do things in the most complicated way possible. Just one more thing they’ll ■■■■ up.

Same with Warp Core Stabilizers, really, but just put stacking penalties on them.

Minor changes first, then major changes.


SpeakiNg as an active PVPer, I like the change to nullification but… warp core stabs are already next to useless against any semi-competent hunter or a competent camp, this just makes WCS… more useless?


Are you brain dead CCP whats the point in interceptors now?



Absolutely nobody:

CCP: lol ■■■■ travel ceptors


For warp-in boosters, can we adjust the timing of various pieces so that you have access to activating the nullification on the same schedule you need to reactivate the boosts? If you can’t keep boosts up, then strategic cruisers lose this role for everything but the slowest fleets.


Thanks for yet again messing with interceptors. Maybe try and add stuff to the game instead of killing things off?


Still doesn’t fix one of the most egregious use cases, that is Ishtar bots…


Active warp core stabilizers, sounds great!

Interdiction nullification changes? Not sure yet how this will work out. Probably make bubbles, smartbombs, shuttles and scouting ahead much more important and null sec more dangerous! Also I have to redo a lot of fits. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, I think it’s a good change that I cannot safely travel in an interceptor anymore without some kind of risk. Looking forward to it.


I’m glad to see these changes roll out on the test server - we’ve had a lot of discussions about nullification and warp core stabs over the years (contrary to some people’s claims, this has been a community issue for a while - I hear about it plenty) and I am very pleased about the addition of nullification to shuttles.

I do think that making nullification a module instead of inherent to certain ship types is an interesting approach that will require more player choices and trade offs, and will provide some changes to the meta that potentially will be beneficial. I’m looking forward to seeing how this all works in practice. If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. I do think it is critical that the module is able to be activated while cloaked.


More chaos and evilness is good for Eve. So I approve!

I presume this is a rhetorical question

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Nice to see this finally happening. Been asked for for a long time.

My only real concern is Armour Ceptors have more of a penalty than shield.


I like the changes to interdiction… but the warp core stabilizers is just silly. They should remain passive. They take up a slot that makes you weak in pvp, that is more than enough of a cost for 1 warp strength.


Oh wow, you can only fit one now (for -3 targeted warp stability mitigation). Appears Rixx Javix has already joined the CSM and is delivering on campaign promises.



okay, rereading, glad to see the shuttle changes, I’m glad you guys listened, even though it was not well liked when I suggested it on reddit:

I guess I’m fine with it, due to the additions of ships getting it. Makes it VERY hard to be an interceptor now, but covert ops are at least viable now. Here’s hoping you fix the ‘nullification module activates while cloaked’ problem.

Has nullification now and losing passive nullification:
Strategic Cruisers

Gaining Nullification:
Blockade Runners
Covert Ops
Deep Space Transports

Gaining passive nullification:


How will nullification modules work exactly?

To not land in a drag bubble, will they

a) need to be active while warp is initiated
b) need to be active while the grid containing the bubble is entered
c) be active during the entire duration of the warp


I must not have enough visibility to the problem these changes are designed to solve.

Is the issue that nullification or WCS can be used by bots? This doesn’t change that.
Is the issue that nullification and WCS are too powerful for easy travel? They’re still as powerful, I just have to click butan.
Is the issue that they can be used in combat too easily? This is a bad fix for that.

Lots of cosmetic complexity here but no substantive change.

I echo above: why not something simple like “Weapons Timer = No Nullification”?

What’s the problem being solved?


next kind of gameplay is being killed…

imo fleet interceptors and t3c shouldn’t be touched