WTS Hydra

WTS Hydra

Price: 200b

In a continuous high-sec station near Jita.

Open to T2 BPOs / AT ships / faction caps in trade. Feel free to evemail offers.

Price upped from 180b to 200b, not in a rush to sell this and soon to feature nullification… Nullification and WCS Updates – testing has begun!


Upped price to 200b, because nullified cov ops are apparently a good idea ccplz Nullification and WCS Updates – testing has begun!






I know you “upped” your price but I’ll give you 180bn

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Sorry, I think you’re making a very fair offer but given the nullification I see more value in using it myself so I’m going to stick to the higher price or hold onto it if I can’t get that.

Nobody in their right mind is going to actually use that ship for anything but a show piece myself included so the nullification is a mute point. Offer stands

Take a look at zkill for it.

This makes it significantly safer to engage on wormholes with the ability to jump and nullify out of bubbles on the other side. Mixed with filaments for leaving, as long as you aren’t unlucky enough to get decloaked while aligning/warping out it makes the ship nearly unkillable with perfect piloting.

Appreciate the offer, but I’ll be holding out for 200b on this or keeping the ship for myself if that doesn’t happen.


Perfect piloting is only possible till it’s not. Unless you’re a robot? Even then only 99.999+ % perfection is achievable. Which means if you fly it, it will one day die. That’s EVE.

Yes, you are correct. However, it means that you won’t die unless you make a mistake (or using it in other places off a wormhole) which previously wasn’t possible to be the case with brawly at ships.

It is a huge buff to how I use the ship, and as such if I’m going to sell it I want 200b.





Have a free bump, I found a Hydra BPC in the forums and got it for 175BN