WTS Hydra 👀

What is the Hydra?
It’s potentially the last AT frig to ever be released.
It’s basically a damavik with 4 low, 4 mid and 4 high slots, capable of delivering over 580dps!

Covert Ops
Can fit 2 neuts as well as a 400m plate and a rep!
One of the most undisputed beautiful ships.
This boat is a UNIQUE ALLIANCE TOURNAMENT PRIZE with only 50 ever to exist.


Get yours today for 140b
With fit 150b pm me for the fit

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I would offer 150b

of course you will

ok messga me

Mail me please

I have already mailed you and contracted it up to you. so please mail back

I don’t think Rus has ever followed through with anything he’s bid on. Would recommend ignoring him and moving to a serious buyer.

ah fair enough, just a pest he is then :frowning: well still looking in that case!

didn’t you buy this for 124b? i seriously don’t think anyone’s willing to pay more than 130b for it, casper has been selling one at 130 for a while and nobody’s bought his

you publicly bought and bragged about buying this for 124b.

the hydra is now worth 124b, that’s how it works)

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This might be the final AT ship. Free bump to the top.

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thx for bump

daily bump

daily bumpp

Info updated, happy bidding

It’s also possibly the most ■■■■ one

Offer valid for another 24h.

whats the offer? lol