WTH: Hydra AT ship

Will be adding more AT ships depending on how these go. 415 million isk a ticket.

Good luck!


<url=hyperNet:17a4a2f6-d029-4797-b3b3-32902c10af36>HyperNet offer: Hydra

Make sure to include the link to the auction here

Wasn’t aware I could. I’ll fix it once I figure it out. Thanks!

You link the auction in chat and copy the url - like this:

<url=hyperNet:6e726f5a-bab5-42ae-a422-d10656468326>HyperNet offer: Small Abyssal Energy Neutralizer

So people don’t have to use the godawful thing that apparently passes as a search/filter function.

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It pastes a broken link.

264 tickets remain


214 tickets remain… 23 hours left

94 hypernodes remain. 10 hrs left to get in.

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