Hydra for trade or sale

I have a Hydra I would like to trade or sell :slight_smile:

Located in High Sec NPC Station

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Price :slight_smile: ?

about the same as yours love :slight_smile:

not quite as far along as most people in this sub but im trying to make my way up there lol

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thanks :heart:

to the top!

Looking to trade for a caedes or a virtuoso maybe? :slight_smile:

give me 150b on top of it and i’ll give you a whiptail for it

seems that your whiptail is a little more than I am willing to spend at the moment :slight_smile: good luck with your sale!

What do 2 oceans say when they meet? Nothing, they just wave!

100bil of my wallet with your name on it, sitting in my wallet as ISK right now, at least for now. Mail me.

The struggle.

Hahaha I know right

The Hydra market is a buyers market, and I am so very sorry to have to deliver that reality check brah.

My offer is your best offer all week (thank you for not using fake bids), and is for real hard earnt - you know that’s true - liquid isk. I am willing to negotiate.

All AT ships are buyers markets, Magni is just looking for a good flip lol

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OK, I shall stand back and observe good luck with your sale.

I only post offers for boats I consider potentially strong.

well thanks for the passive aggressive compliment i think? lol

Carification, I think Hydra is strong, I wanted it so I could risk my ass and undock it. I do not do that if I think its a pile of H sh*t.

roight! If you want to post a real offer It will be here. in talks with one of my friends who is thinking of offering around 175b but no official bid from him yet :slight_smile: Im at minimum looking for around 171

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bump to the top!