WTS/WTT Hydra and Caedes

Caedes - 140b unfitted (can add abyssal fit)
or wtt for something else

Now selling hydra too

115 virtuoso

mail me what ur thinking for the hydra

I could do 125 but that’s all

How many are for sale?

One for now, but I probably can get more.

Id pay 240b for two, which is fair is it not?

Can’t do that rn and anyway won’t do less than 125b per one.

115b standing offer to yourself and anyone else wanting to liquidate a Virtuoso. Mail me.

Good luck with that

Price for Hydra updated

Still for sale


Still for sale or trade

Hydra still for sale

Hydra is gone, only Caedes left

Yesterday the caedes was 135b…

Just sold one of those, I think it should cost even more.
In two years it might be 160b+, how do you think the market works?

Well prices normally increase if ships get lost but since yesterday non died , the price increase is only because the sell wants it , you wanted to sell your ceades couple month ago for 100b so vOv