WTB Caedes

(Marcus Vipsanius Macedonicus) #1

Please evemail me your price

thank you

(Dark Magni) #2

180B at its yours

(Angelina Smart) #3

lol. 180b

(Dark Magni) #4

Just look at the Hydra, this is a message from CCP to you that there will be no more disgracefully OP prize ships.

Caedes now is worth 180B, trust me.

(Not 4 Sale) #5

Thats why they still sell for little over a 100.

(Zahara Cody) #6

I heard caedes were worth 300 bil now… I wouldn’t sell mine for that… lmao

(Marcus Vipsanius Macedonicus) #7

lol still looking

(system) #8

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