WTS Caedes Starting bid @ 85B

Bid away champs!


115 b

How long will this auction go for and is there a buyout?

125 bil

That’s a good buy price from the man selling a Caedes for 250b


Come outbid me.

116b, cuz we all know that zahara’s bids are all fakes

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Contract it for 125 and we’ll see

126b :slight_smile:

current bid board:

Rhino Cero 115B
Zahara Cody 125B
MajorJenkins 126B

Also, I have some eve mails which need to be posted on here to be recognised.

Evemail #1 100B + promises to undock
Evemail #2 140B


Thanks for the troll Opus.

Sale cancelled sorry guys.


Cody U have enough AT ships, let someone new play with the shiny toy :slight_smile:

There’s no such thing as enough.

120b offer stands for 1 hour

already beat by 20 bil

124b + I will undock it and shoot., check my kb I have befoire

Cleaned up some off topic replies.
Please keep on topic! Thanks! :slight_smile:

I am not just buying it to sit in a hangar either :wink:

125b offer stands