Christmas already??? :scream:

Wishing you good luck with sale. These are some nice and expensive toys.

Anything on sale for 40k plex?

No Caedes… List incomplete.

I’ll trade a cham for your victor

100 Freki :slight_smile:

Wow what an incredible ship collection you have! Good luck on your sales.

200b tiamat

What would you give for a caedes to round out that collection?

he already has it , its on contracts

You selling one?
Got a Virtuoso or isk to trade for it :heart:

Cambion price?

price 4 chremoas??

Chremoas should be 450b to 500b

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dream price… how about try 300b

never lowball a lowballer

Dream price

What do you guys even do with ships like these?

Some fly and lose them, others collect them and even more buy, hold and usually sell for more.