Just came across a deal of a lifetime so need to sell these guys even though I literally just bought them.

Ill do 90 for the hydra bpc and 220 for the tiamat, ill do 310 for both but prices can be worked with.

Message me if interested

Would be interested in trades and stuff similar.

Message me with any questions.

Bump cheapest ones on the forums by 10-15 bil!!

Bump still selling cheapest one

I would LOVE to get the Tiamat. But I don’t have $2,800 to spend on PLEX. =(

I guess if you gotta spend RL money to buy AT ships… lmao

You have 240 Billion ISK with nowhere better to go? =)

Prices are falling fast.

There are two types of buyers. Ship spinners like Zahara Cody/TIGGER and combat pilots like myself. In the case of the Tiamat and Hydra the combat pilot demand is falling off because CCP have purposively made them with only marginal benefits over the standard varieties. This is probably because they have decided the influx of overpowered prize ships is hurting the game. The overall effect of this will be a reducing price.

The only thing holding up the prices in the range of hundreds of billions is the the ship spinners, the Zahara Codys and the TIGGERs, because they do have some nice gold effects that look good when you are ship spinning them on high graphics configuration, and when you undock briefly to see the space lighting reflecting off the gold.

I want to buy a Moracha, please.

How Dare You !?
What Gives You The Right…?
Assuming there are only two types of people.

I want one b/c it’s cloaky (I love cloaky ships) and it gets Probe bonuses. I totally wanna take it out exploring! =)

Have you ever owned and undocked a ship like a State Raven on TQ? Didnt think so… keep pumping yourself up… I hoard AT ships to keep them away from morons like you… feel free to lose a Moracha or two so I can charge a trillion each.

You got a Moracha? How much you charging atm?

I am one of the few people in game that respects traders like you, so there is no need to be rude.

I dont own any AT ships.

“hoards at ships” but doesnt own any


But… you said…


Not the first people to get smacked around by imaginary epeen.

If you think Cody doesn’t own AT ships you are dense.

Anyways not sure what happened to this thread.

I’m still selling pm/mail me offers.

ill offer 180b for a tiamat

Can’t do that bud. Try a little higher.

Bump still some of the cheapest ones out there.

Hey mate,

I cant be bothered to barter. Can you just mail me your best price for Tiamat and Ill have a look.