WTS 2 Morachas

600billion per ship

1000 billion both together.

Please post on this topic. I am on a business trip.

100 billion together? contract to me

Sorry it is 1000 billions

Offer withdrawn

You crack me up🤣

Offer withdrawn

400b for one please, Mr Melon.

Feel free to contract it over at your earliest convenience.

Contract em to big lynx for 1000 bil


650 for both. dont listen to the poors

My offer of 100b for both is still on the table :slight_smile:

405B offer for one please.

What ever happened to you bud? We where setting up that other trade and you just vanished.

That being said I’d do hydra and Tiamat bpc plus 300 bil for one.

Hi there

Just to be clear these are not my 2 new ones.


If they are stolen I couldn’t care less.

What do you think about 400B range bids so far?

I’ll buy your stolen AT ships for 9.8 billions

Someone got their AT ships stolen?

Pandemic Legion?

How much longer is this business trip going on for. This isn’t serious enough considering the scale of the bids.

Ingame Message sent