WTS/WTT Moracha

old thread got closed? … grafik
shoot me offers in isk - alternatively some nerds who won the new ships can approach me for trades aswell i guess. ingame mail gets to my phone, forums might take a while.


would maybe be interested in this depending on what you value the flying poo at. Let me know what you are looking for

have read the blog post by ccp - looks like frig might be cool, cruiser trash. Given how past uniqs have been like 60-90b when they got out with 50 and this year there is 140 of em, i would suspect quite a couple for this busted loki. i guess 6-700 is realistic if we talk isk - more if im afk for another year and just wait til a team wants to run auto-win flykiller.

i guess we talk more once stats are out. can slide into my ingame mail for privacy/more reliable response o7

being a main selling point for tourney teams since 2015 id like to know which you are referencing that were 60-90bn when they were relased?

Well, at this time and year my knowledge might be a little dated, but the caedes was, I believe.

Even if one would account for a (perceived?) inflation, with over 140 of them (and the uncertainty of how many more they will throw out) I doubt prices would go any higher than this, tendancy only lower.


offer me isk

b u m p

400b offer

make love, not war

Current Offer 450b, contract will be up by tomorrow afternoon unless other people are eager to get this unique ship model :slight_smile:

euhm, didnt put up the contract and will be afk for awhile, RL is ■■■■

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