WTS Moracha

oi nerds, got an old hangar queen moracha.

anyone wants it? shoot me offers. ISK preferred


200 bil

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225 b

250 b

Lol 300

350b bid!

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375b offer, ISK ready

400 bil

450 continue lowballs xd

Ridiculous offers when the last one sold for like 800b lmao

People wanna get it cheap if they can, no saying whether or not OP knows its true value lol

Holding AT ships is like holding crypto. Good luck

One could make the cheeky joke that unlike most crypto currencies AT hulls actually have some use

ETH to the moon?

Hangar ornaments?

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Also an effective way to boost your alltime losses stat, as long as you don’t lose it to rats.

so looks like nobody interested, ayy? ill commit checking in here every once in a while.

if people wrote me via mail: please also post here, dont have the game at hand atm; unless you got some actual serious offer, but well :sun_with_face:

trade for fiend?

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two you mean? might think about it, but rather not

plus drac fort